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Alesandra Dojcinovic

Influential Woman Autumn 2019

Lei Lou by Alex

Lei Lou was officially founded in 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia by Aleksandra Dojcinovic, young and ambitious creative director and owner, whose modern visions soon turned the brand into one of the most important fashion brands in her home country, dialoguing directly with all audiences especially business women but also the millennial generation. The brand, which counts more than a decade of existence, over the years outgrew the original idea of a fashion brand and grew into a respectful business, specializing not only in fashion design, leather bags, shoes and other fashion accessories, but also in business consulting.

Meet Aleksandra Dojcinovic

1. Alex, tell us about yourself in the world of fashion..

I entered the world of fashion as a little girl, at the age of 15 I made and sold my first shirt. Today, 23 years later, my company is among the 4% most successful small and medium-sized companies in Croatia. Since I am recognized as someone who does a lot for the community, my legacy is to raise awareness among young girls that anything is possible no matter how hard your beginnings were.


2. What is the story behing Lei Lou?

As we have our own production, we can quickly react, one dress comes in as many as 20 colors and its possible to order it made to measure. The choice is wide from luxury dresses, everyday dresses, suits, and cashmere coats.  Shoes, bags, and fabrics that we use are all made in Italy. Our motto is building a strong brand for strong women. Over the years we have adapted to the needs of working women and moms who do not have a lot of time to dress, so most of our fabrics are wrinkle-free and comfortable to wear.


3. In our opinion, are people oriented by brand or by quality when looking for a fashion label?

Switzerland will undoubtedly remain pleasantly surprised by prices that are in excellent proportion to quality. We take great pride in the quality of our clothing. Regarding other markets on which we are present, like for example, America loves us because we are a young brand worn by celebrities.


4. Which clothing items are total best-sellers in Lei Lou?

Dresses, dresses and again dresses.


5. Why did you decide to open a shop in Zurich?

If you stop by our Lei Lou store in downtown Zurich you will be welcomed by Adriana, my business partner, who had a vision of opening a Lei Lou store. Once you get to know her and the love she has for the brand it will be obvious why we made such a business decision.

Alex Dojcinovic and Lena Terlutter

6. In a world of e-commerce, what is our vision for the next 10 years?

Online sale is something where we invest a lot, but the webshop can never replace the atmosphere and emotion that a store offers. I still like to shop on the streets, but at the same time, I have no problem with getting that same emotion in a box in front of my doorsteps.


7. A place in Europe where you find paradise?

I love to spent my summers in various destinations. Of course, by being  Croatian, my love for the beautiful Croatian coast is unquestionable, but at the same time, I love Ibiza and Greece that I visit quite often.


8. Your favourite place in Switzerland?

Definitely Zurich. The city has fascinated me since day one. This was also one of the reasons I decided to open my next boutique in this particular city. I specially enjoy to stroll around in the old town which invites with its very special every time I am here. To have my own boutique exactly in this area of the city means a lot to me.


9. What magazines and websites inspire you?

In my spare time, I am reading professional literature I usually buy in Paris, while the classical fashion magazines I just have a browse through, because everything inside their pages I have already seen or noticed somewhere before. When it comes to inspiration, I am more influenced by some successful entrepreneurs or learned people than those with fashion background. I myself have been nominated twice for the prestigious Veuve Clicuot Business Award, and after winning it last year, I took place in their get-together in Paris and Reims with chosen female entrepreneurs from worldwide. Also, I am the only woman in my country with two EY Entrepreneur of the Year nominations, an event held each year in Monaco and attended by entrepreneurs from all over the world.


10. And finally Alex, what item identifies you?

A dress, dress and again a dress.

Lei Lou by Alex
Photos copyright by: Lei Lou by Alex