Artist Alessandro Starnino


Alessandro Starnino

Artist of the week June 2020

Something(K) profane

Alessandro Starnino

Italian/Swiss Artist and Illustrator born in 1977 and based in Switzerland. Alessandro studied Art and Design at the Art School Lucerne. His artwork is frenetic, full of meanings which at the first glance could be perceived as senseless. At a closer look, the huge incorporation of symbolism shown in those fantastic and dreamy creations, tell more than only one story. Fictional characters interact with each other and the viewers.

His aim is to channel the unconscious in order to unlock creativity and imagination. We viewers are joined into his comforting assumptions of the unexplained and undiscovered. There is a symbolism and spontaneity in his artworks from borrowed subjects of our dreams.

Precious Love

Delicacy and Technique

The cutting approach is an important part of the work process. His delicate, time taking and almost meditative cutting technic permits him to elaborate the story piece by piece. By chance, when the story begins to come together, all pieces find its right place.


Vision and Experiment

Part of his constant drive are mainly believes, visions, experiments and experiences of the present life. Indispensable are also the variety of resources used in each work.  No fragments of his imagination are left out. A joyful achievement of pure gratification.


The use of mixed media including acrylic, oil, water colour, charcoal, ink, pencil, paper and different tools appear in all his art.

Heart Beat


Meet Alessandro Starnino

I like melancholy. It’s part of my inspiration. It’s the calm in me and the balance of my creative excesses. The supposedly profane subject of every day work is based on the seriousness of the situation and finds its origins in what we have seen, heard or experienced. Humor is the relativity factor that sublimes all. Without humor the story is a sad catastrophe.

Sweet Candys

What appeals to me the most is the immersion of others in my worlds. An infinite journey to discover for the observant viewer. Most of the subjective remains unknown. The emptiness could contain a possible message. I guess that is why I am so diversified. I use a wide variety of techniques, my ambition drives me to experiment and find all possibilities and limits of different materials and to combine them all.

Starnino’s Studio address:
Forchstrasse 116, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland

+ 41 79 769 63 13



Photos copyright by: Alessandro Starnino

Artist Alessandro Starnino