Antonyo Marest-Esencia del Mediterráneo

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Antonyo Marest was born on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in 1987. Alicante, his home town.
Its warm waters and blue skies helped instill in him a big part of his optimism, an optimism that has only matured with the experiences he acquired along his travels around the world. In 2013, he established himself in Madrid, where he prompted a creativity that could be applied to any artistic field likely to be aesthetically revised.

Marest´s eclectic vision towards art incorporates classical influences, tributes to artistic
movements like Art-decó and Pop Art, as well as references to the Kitsch movement of the 50’s. He also recovers futuristic background iconographies and establishes links with the works accomplished in the 80’s by the Memphis group. Antonyo Marest jumps with great agility over the fences that have traditionally separated official and popular art forms through a modus-operandi where the architectonic, cinematographic, musical and plastic elements that limit and surround his ideas are easily fitted: routes that ultimately orchestrate a vibrant and eccentric cartography that makes Marest’s work noticeable and undeniably remarkable in the Spanish urban art scene.

In the exhibition ‘Esencia del Mediterraneo‘ Marest imagines Alicante as the alloy of three elements: sea, sky and earth.

The sea in a first level because is his DNA , his leifmotif. Heaven is why as representation of the abyss and the passage of time and finally the earth, the inevitably end of path.

A three colour flag that represents the harmony and identity of a presided province. The water.