‘Mandalas’ by artist Elena Kupreeva


‘Capturing Beauty’

Art in many of its forms has always fascinated me. The ability to convey your feelings
onto your chosen medium, and to share your vision with people around you is an artist‘s
unique privilege. Coming from a diplomatic background, extensive travels and constant
changing of country and scenery has, admittedly, been challenging at times, but has
helped broadening my vision.
I then took a break from my artistic pursuits to study at MGIMO University in Moscow – a
cradle of Russian diplomatic service – and get a diploma in international journalism.
My trips to Europe, North America and Asia have inspired me to explore a variety of artistic styles.

But it never seems to be enough – I love to explore new ways to express myself and to
capture the beauty and uniqueness of the surrounding world. Moving to Switzerland in 2010 with my husband proved to be a freshstart for me, where I took to the easel with new ardour.



Simply by looking at the circular symphony of shapes and patterns, evokes a feeling of calm and contentment. The mandala is considered, in many spiritual traditions, a symbol for wholeness and connection and is used as a focal point for meditation, introspection, and healing.

The mystical pattern of a mandala manifests in abundance in nature like the sea, the fire, the sun, beautiful fishes, eternity ponds or miraculous flowers.


‘Mandalas’ by artist Elena Kupreeva