Barbara Martinuzzi

Barbara Martinuzzi

Owner of Martinuzzi Interiors

Barbara Martinuzzi owner of Martinuzzi Interiors, born in Rome in 1970, grew-up in Turin. After the studies of Art History and a successful modeling career in Milan (also having represented Italy at the final of Miss World in London) she moved to Switzerland in the late 90s, where she started a family and became mother of two boys. During those years, based on her innate talent for interior design, renovating and decorating, she developed her own properties with great passion. At the time she gathered a solid knowledge and a mature experience in the field of interiors. Today she owns and successfully runs her company Martinuzzi Interiors which was founded in 2009 and most recently awarded winner at the International Property Awards in London as best Europe Residential Interiors 2015.


1. So tell us Barbara, how did Martinuzzi Interiors started?

Interior design was always in my DNA. However, I only truly realized it after eight years of personal experience in renovations and an increasing demand from friends and acquaintances. At that point I had the vision of creating my own company and offer my interior design services in a more professional and profitable way. Thus I founded Martinuzzi interiors Gmbh and inaugurated the first MI showroom in Zurich, actually a little former bike shop, which I renovated and transformed in a sort of studio with the scope of showing styles and materials to clients.


2. You focus on Luxury Interior Design, style and harmony have always been your priorities when it comes to advice a client?

Style and harmony are always the final elements which naturally arrive as result of my interior design concepts but they are not the one and only approach. In all my projects a major importance is dedicated to the study of the spaces and their potential, in combination with the use of the newest home technology, where applicable. This is especially possible at renovations where those spaces are still able to be changed and adapted newly.
The practicality of spaces, their modernization with the use of high technology and refined materials is so important to create a luxury interior that almost nothing is left to chance. Everything is designed to create an aesthetic and functional solution of a high level in order to achieve and exceed the client’s expectation in every area of a project.
The simplicity is the soul of the modern luxury, but without the technology it would remain a simple illusion.


3. What does your job as an Interior designer involve?

Being an interior designer is a continuous challenge. Every project is different as is the customer and has a different character with variating requests and expectations. As interior designer you need to have a very sensitive and perceptive nature, which allows you to listen, perceive and interpret at the best the wishes of your client.
Our job involves lots of creativity and good taste, extreme sensitivity, patience and accuracy. We are a kind of psychologist and a sort of tailor. There is no school that can really teach you those qualities unless you have them naturally.


4. Martinuzzi Interiors has recently been awarded with the European Property Awards, is it the renovations, the interior design and the feng shui philosophy combined that made you an absolute winner?

In life you need a bit of luck, and I consider myself a very lucky person, however I truly believe that in every job where the talent is combined to a strong passion and refined by hard work the key to success is always available.


5. You were in the 80’s into modeling and fashion, did it have an influence on where you are today?

Discipline, determination and courage are certainly qualities that you learn in the modeling and I’m sure that career has been for me kind of a “gym” that prepared and helped me in the achievement of my success.


6. As a female entrepreneur in Switzerland, what are the challenges you have faced and the achievements you have attained?

At the beginning my German language was still very elementary and no skills in Swiss German were even existing. So the biggest challenge I have faced with the genuine Swiss customer was actually caused by the language. Not being able to express myself in my mother tongue has certainly created some barriers in the credibility of my “operandum”. However, what I could not explain with words was well demonstrated by the results at the end of the project. The credibility and the trust was the best achievement I obtained from those experiences.


7. If you were not at the construction site, where would you be?

I would probably still be in the fashion industry or maybe I would own a restaurant. Who knows?


8. You are Italian, which are your favorite restaurants in Switzerland?

As a ‘good Italian’ I love to cook at home for my family and friends. That is why one doesn’t see me so often in restaurants. But if I am going then Casa Ferlin is loved for truffels, Aura for meat and Brasserie Lips for the best oysters in town.


9. What do you do in your spare time?

I recently discovered a passion for the mountains and especially for hiking besides skiing in winter. Traveling around the world is a must with my family, as work is always taking away too much precious time from them.


10. And your favorite travel destination?

In absolute the sea remains my favorite. Anytime I reach the sea, anywhere in the world, I feel regenerated, restored and just extremely happy. The salty water and the sun are my vital elements. My favorite destinations are the Maldives in winter and Sardinia in summer.


11. What would we find in your fridge?

Actually I have two fridges: one always full with fresh food (mango never missing), the other one only for wines and drinks ready to enjoy!


12. And finally Barbara, what items identify you?

My husband keeps saying: my smile. I also think my long hair and black dresses.

Barbara Martinuzzi