Britta Dietsche-Namuk Outdoor Clothing for Kids

Zurichsee Connections-November-December 2017-Influential Woman.

My passion for NAMUK Kids Outdoor Clothing – Investing in our future.

Britta, tell us about yourself..

I worked in an industrial company for 25 years. My Collagen Art accompanied me during all this time – a passion that I‘m still working on. (

Futhermore, I invested in my own real estate and other start-ups.The birth of my two boys changed my life completely, in that my focus turned much more towards my family. These circumstances led me to get to know Franz Bittmann and NAMUK. I live in the area of Zurich with my husband and the twin boys.

The story of NAMUK (

After more than 20 years, the design of technical performance apparel still remains the greatest passion for Franz Bittmann – a passion that he turned into his profession in 1998 with the launch of eleven outerwear label, which are the most successful labels in European outerwear.

When Franz’s children arrived 10 years ago, the question of suitable functional clothing for children arose. The ‘NAMUK’ children’s outdoor label thereby arose from his passion for perfect products, attention to detail and lots of heart. As a Swiss company, NAMUK is committed to the highest quality and constant innovation, from the choice of the best materials to the child-friendly features of the design.

We believe that kids should spend more time outdoors, and we supply the perfect clothes for all outdoor adventures.

In your opinion, is there a lack of high quality outdoor children clothing in Switzerland?

Yes. I came across NAMUK when I was myself searching for functional and child-friendly winter clothing, and the brand had everything I was looking for.

We came in contact, and I’m now not only a big fan, but I’ve also become an Investor in NAMUK, and help them to grow the company with my know-how as an entrepreneur.

We are a great team of designers, product developers and innovative material experts.

With more than 20 years of experience in this market, we know exactly what it takes to produce perfect outdoor products, and we are committed to the highest quality and constant innovation, from the choice of the best materials to the child-friendly features of the design.

As an investor in Fashion, which products do you think the consumers demand?

I believe that many customers are ready for something new. Sustainable fashion is not a trend, it’s the future.

Mothers in particular are much more aware of sustainable clothes and apparel that is produced in a fair way. We know our producers personally, and have worked with them for more than 15 years. We believe in a sustainable, ethical and fair production. We also believe that the future belongs to quality clothes that are way more sustainable and much better for everybody. “Fast fashion” is over.

Many of our outdoor clothes are passed on to siblings or friends, and product cycles are becoming more and more important. We up-cycle some of our products, and use recycled materials where possible.

In a world of e-commerce, what is your vision for the next 10 years?

There’s no doubt that the business is very competitive, and we will have to focus on our strengths.

Our roots are in the online business, but we started our own Pop-Up Stores this season, in order to have a closer contact with our customers and to allow them to also experience namuk offline. In addition, we also work with strong shops as partners, such as Och Sport (Zurich), Transa (Zurich), Pesko (Lenzerheide) etc.

Our vision for the future is to be more present online, as well as in concept stores in Switzerland and Europe.

Our vision is to offer our customers the best products for spending time in nature with their kids. They should already experience the namuk spirit while choosing the products, whether online or offline in our stores.

A place in Switzerland where you would find paradise is ….


Your favourite restaurant in Zurich?

Tao’s and Terrasse.

What can’t you live without?

My family.

Britta Dietsche-Namuk Outdoor Clothing for Kids