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Gone are the days when women were being told what to do and how to dress up, we are living in the century that talks about equal pay for women, women empowerment and breaking the glass ceiling once and for all. Most of us now can decide for ourselves what career and what life we want to have, so why is it that we still allow the so-called trend gurus or fashion magazines to impose on us what to wear? Who would have thought that we would one day live in a world of such an abundance of fabrics and clothing, colors and styles and yet feel more unsatisfied and unhappy than ever with the way we look!

Bespoke Tailoring
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In our modern society, there are hardly any restrictions or rules to what we wear and how we wear it, even at the workplace, yet we wear the same thing over and over again, buying ready to wear with the risk of seeing 10 more women wearing the same look. No one imposes uniforms on us today, but we choose them voluntarily! Is this because it is difficult to retain our own style without drowning in the sea of stores and designers’ brands out there? Or is it that we just don’t have time to familiarize ourselves with all these labels so we can choose what suits us best?
The truth is that despite the appearance of abundance,we actually have very few choices left. We are stuck between ready to wear clothes offering attractive prices, but mostly of poor fit, unless you are a model size 38 and on the other side super expensive designers’ items with six collections per year popping up from all over the world… and still designed for models with size 38! I see more and more women for which shopping has become a frustrating experience because finding the right clothes in this ocean of choice has become a really difficult task; picture spending afternoons in small, not so clean and not so well lighten changing rooms trying several trousers in 30 minutes? That is not what I call a gratifying experience, and there must be a better and cleverer way to shop! This is where we, By Claire, come into the picture for all those women, who do not want to be dictated anymore but enjoy the freedom of designing their own fashion, and who want to enjoy the process of finding what to wear.

By Claire offers a unique way to shop for clothes and create a new wardrobe, we make your clothes just the way you want them, to your measurements. With us, you will never stand in a queue for the changing rooms, and you will not waste you precious time searching for something you want that is not found in ready-to-wear shops. You will enjoy one-to-one service at a time and location that suits you.

We delight in fine fabrics, custom cuts, and exception alartisan clothing, we promise you an exceptional experience in designing with our stylish your own clothes!

Who are we and what do we exactly do?

We are three women, stylists and business professionals used to sew our clothes like we want them. We enjoy finding our absolute preferred fabric to make our dream piece come true, and we are willing to share this freedom and fun experience with others.
We promote the local economy: our fabrics come from the best suppliers in Europe, mostly Italy, France,Ireland or Scotland with one exception: our silk linings that we could so far only find in Japan. We produce in France and not in the Far East because we want to help preserve the exceptional know-how from our French seamstresses and also because we are not willing to caution the extremely poor working conditions,sometimes even of children, in countries where most of the fast fashion chains produce these days.
We respect your individuality and choices. With our help, you can fill your wardrobe with clothes designed by a stylist who knows you better than anybody
else – you, yourself. By Claire offers you three possibilities to become your own designer:
Prêt-à-créer: customize your new clothes, choose your style variations, your fabrics, and your colors and have them produced to order by our atelier in France.
Made to measure: in addition to customizing the style of your new clothes, ask us to sew them to your exact measurements and enjoy perfectly fitting clothing.
Bespoke: if you want to design and create something truly unique to you, our bespoke
tailoring service is meant for you. It is the kind of service that you will remember all your life and it will make you feel special every time you wear your garments. Let us transform the necessity of shopping for new clothes into a fulfilling experience for you.

Bespoke Tailoring
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By Claire- Prêt-à-créer