Claudine Francine Bandi

Claudine Francine Bandi

Owner of Foxx Galerie and Pop-Art expert.

I was born, grew up and was educated in Biel-Bienne, which is the heart of watchmaking in Switzerland. My German-speaking father and my french-speaking mother brought me up bilingual. After education at the economic high school in Biel-Bienne and half a year at a business school for English in Cambridge, I moved to Zurich and started my career in advertising agencies and achieved during this time the bachelor and master in advertising at SAWI (Academy for Marketing and Communication). An important part of my being are my many extended travels across the world, often very adventurous and alone, building my fascination and understanding for different cultures.


1. So tell us Claudine, when did you start Foxx Galerie?

I founded Foxx Galerie in October 1993 with Animation Art from the cartoon studios in Hollywood and the leading 3-D artists from New York, which was new for Switzerland.


2.Who do you owe your success to as a gallery owner?

Discipline, courage, stamina, creativity, passion for art, patience and grabbing the opportunities.


3. Art is for you..

….in my DNA and enriches my life!


4. Why did you specialize in Pop-Art?

Pop Art was the logical continuation of Animation Art, which became with time too specific and small. Pop Art includes all aspects of a consumer society which corresponds to my marketing education.


5. Why did you choose Zurich instead of Geneva or Lausanne where pop-art is very appreciated?

Because I already built up my advertising career in Zurich. This beautiful city is my home where my heart belongs. It is the place where the public is much more open for new ideas.


6. Who to listen, the client, the artist or both?

As a former advertising consultant I have learnt to balance between both of them. But listening to the collector is a condition for success.


7. Where would we find you in Switzerland?

Anywhere at a cultural event, in a jazz club or in a swiss alpine club hut in the mountains.


8. Which are your favorite restaurants?

It depends, but always with good company where authentic food is served.


9. And your favorite country is..

I feel happy in countries with high mountains, but especially in the Himalayas.


10. What can’t you live without?

My Weimaraner dog.


11. What magazines/websites inspire you?

I find my inspiration in life itself!


12. Which food would we always find in your fridge?

Fresh greens, smoked trout, apples and Champagne.


13. And finally Claudine, which item identifies you?

My bracelet with a dzi stone (against evil eye) bought in Tibet after my Kailash rounding.

Claudine Francine Bandi