Cristiana Cosma-SlimLab


Cristiana Cosma-Spring 2018-New Entrepreneurs.

Cristiana Cosma Founder of Slim Lab.

Slim Lab concept started in late 2009 when I graduated from military school and suddenly I felt that something was missing in my life. I wanted to feel as a woman not an officer.
Each day in the military base led me to my dream, so I took action and I started studying medical school for alternative therapies. For 6 years I was between 2 passions: one for the army and another one for femininity. At the end I felt that this was my purpose in life, to help woman feel and look fabulous.
1. So tell us Cristiana, how did SlimLab start? For the past 9 years I have been working hard to develop a revolutionary anti-cellulite technique. When I had everything ready I took a big step: opening the Slim Lab Zürich as the first beauty centre and looking forward to extending, as the customers are amazed for the efficiency of the treatments and the high quality of service.

2. SlimLab is a specialist in Beauty and Health in Zürich? Slim Lab is specialised in Beauty and Health. We are working with our customers on 3 levels: body, mind and spirit, for a complete healing.
3. What slimming treatments can we find in SlimLabSlimming treatments are our signature, the manual technique: anti-cellulite massage, body treatments (mask, wraps) and also body shaping and fat reduction with cutting edge devices.

4. Detox and rejuvenation is part of SlimLab therapy? Detox and rejuvenation are the main part in the process. In order to create balance in the body we need first to clean the body from the inside.

5. What is the best treatment for Body shaping? The best treatment is the one that brings results. All our treatments are effective. We have a rate of 97.8% very good results among our customers.
6. As a female entrepreneur in Switzerland, what challenges you had to face to be where you are today? Challenges yes.The language barrier and to gain customers trust, to break the ice. Once the people start to find out what I was doing and test it, everything was easy, all the customers just loved it.
7. Which are your favourite restaurants in Switzerland? My favourite cuisine is Lebanese. As I always choose the right food combination, I enjoy  food without feeling guilty afterwards.
8. What do you do in your spare time? Spare time, well I don’t have spare time. Sometimes I have emergencies on Sundays or a customer after a surgery or a long-distance flight. For me, first priority are my customers.
9. And your favourite travel destination? My favourite travel destination is where there is sun, sea and nice people.
10. What would we find in your fridge? Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
11. And finally Cristiana, what identifies you? What identifies me is perseverance, altruism and femininity.


 Photo credit: Ruxi Balea

Cristiana Cosma-SlimLab