Daniela Hagen

Daniela Hagen


1. So tell us Daniela, what is Laser-Promed?

Laser-Promed is a practice for laser treatments on the skin.


2. Why did you decide to go for Beauty without Surgery?

Because with laser treatments you can achieve Beauty. These treatments are also a reliable supplement to the surgery and the cosmetics.


3. Who can come to Laser-Promed?

All clients who are interested in the treatments which are carried out in our practice(permanent hair removal, pigmented spots, blood vessels, skin resurfacing, stretch marks and all sorts of scars).


4. How can you help women with their skin conditions?

It depends on the problem or the wish, the client is looking for to be treated; I do permanent hair removal, pigmented spots, delated blood vessels, skin resurfacing (wrinkle reduction), stretch marks and all sorts of scars for example acne, surgical scars or scars after an accident.


5. When does the treatment start showing improvement?

The improvement depends on the treatment; for the hair removal the client needs at least 4-6 treatments, for the pigmented spots 1-3 treatments, for the blood vessels 2-5 treatments, for the wrinkle reduction 4-6 treatments, for stretch marks 4-8 treatments and all sorts of scars also 4-8 treatments, this depends on the damage of the skin.


6. Where do you see the future of Beauty treatments going on an era of women you reluctantly want to ‘age with pride’?

If you are happy inside yourself, you will look so happy and fresh in the outside.


7. What is about your work that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the most to see the client happy with the results. It is really gratifying to help the client, specially after doing the treatment for scars and stretch marks.


8. If you were not working at Laser-Promed, what would be your other passion?

My passion would be to help the nature not to get destroyed by humans.


9. The best holidays ever are in…

… being in the beautiful nature for example Africa with the elephants.


10. Where would we find you in Switzerland?

Next to a lake or in a beautiful place, enjoying the moment.


11. Name a few of your favourite places or restaurants in Zurich

Well there are a few restaurants I like a lot like restaurant Seehaus, Amalfi, Kronenhalle and Tibetan Shangrila.


12. And finally Daniela, which item identifies you?

I am a cheerful person with lots of power. A woman who loves spreading out happiness.I like doing sports, cooking and travelling where I can meet other cultures.

Daniela Hagen