Gosia Kubat & Alma Zdralovic

Zurichsee Connections-September-October- 2018 Influential Woman.

Gosia Kubat & Alma Zdralovic- Directors at LanguageMastersLearners Today, Masters Tomorrow.

  1. So let’s start with Alma, how did LanguageMasters start?

Gosia and I have known each other for more than 12 years. After so many years of working together, one day we decided to set up our own school where we can apply our skills and do something better than anything we had experienced before.

LanguageMasters was born thanks to the great feedback from many language lovers who were looking for a school with high quality, a fresh concept, an individual approach and flexibility. This is exactly what LM is: Quality, Individuality and Flexibility.

  1. Gosia, how does LanguageMasters work?

LanguageMasters is based on a passion for languages, years of experience, good friendship and a unique concept. The core of our business is built from our unique MASTER method in addition to our multilingual and passionate team. We don’t just teach languages by using the standard books. We use our own modern materials, we cook or bake during the class, we go to the city and do sightseeing trips. We make learning languages fun!

  1. Alma, LanguageMasters has very flexible agenda but what do you mean by family friendly?

We offer everything to do with languages: group and private classes for adults, skype lessons, courses for kids and teens, preparation for Gymi exams, Translations. Why are we family friendly? We know how hard it is to combine studying with family life so that’s why we created the unique offer for families.

First, we are well-known for our courses with childcare – it is so easy. You can attend a class and know that your child is being well looked after in our childcare room.

Second, we offer play groups and kids courses in different languages so that you can learn more about different languages and cultures while having fun.

  1. What’s unique about LanguageMasters?

LanguageMasters is a ‘small but fine’ language school with an offer for everyone.

-We offer courses in very small groups of 3-6 people which means a fast rate of progress.

-We offer courses with childcare which is the perfect solution for motivated parents.

-We offer courses in a warm & welcoming atmosphere – which makes learning more comfortable.

-We know every student in person so you can be sure you are not a number with us. We care about you and your needs!

-And last but not least…….as further motivation for our students we offer great coffee and cookies.

  1. How fast can a Language Masters student reach a good ‘conversation level’?

Very fast! The focus in our courses is on speaking with 60% of the class dedicated to conversation – for each level. Even after the A1 course you can be sure that you will be able to have a small talk/conversation.

  1. What is the future for learning a foreign language?

Online learning, Apps, we are working on cool, new ideas to make learning easier and more modern.

  1. Alma, if you were not in LanguageMasters where would you be? And you Gosia?

Alma: I would definitely work in the same area and do more University education. Maybe a Master.

Gosia:  I would probably like to work for a city or government institution which cares about education and development.

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

Alma: Travelling, reading, walking, snowboarding in the wintertime, meeting and spending time with family and friends and cooking for them.

Gosia: I meet my friends and philosophise with them, visit new places, learn new languages and read books.

  1. Where would we find you in Switzerland ?

Gosia: In the summer at the Zürichsee or at LM, in the winter in Laax.

Alma: Adliswil, Zurich, Zurich lake, Albiskette, Davos and of course @ work by LM on the Bleicherweg.

  1. What are your favourite restaurants in Zurich?

Alma:  Yen’s, Kokoro, Azzurro etc.

Gosia:  I like Moudi for Apèro, the Fork&Bottle for burgers, Yen’s for Japanese, Gran Sasso for steaks, Salon & Kafi dihei for brunch

  1. Which magazines and websites do you normally browse?

Alma: Psychologie heute, Spektrum, Deutsch perfekt, Women in business…

Gosia: I like Forbes, Psychology magazines, Ladies Drive, NZZ.

  1. What would we find in your fridge?

Alma: Yoghurt, cheese, milk, vegetables, fish & meat, chocolate (sweets) & jam.

Gosia:  Ice cream, olives, cheese and wine.

  1. And finally ladies, what items identify you?

Our language books and meeting new people…… we love talking to all the students in LM and getting to know them personally. You can always hear us in LM having a chat to a student, enquiring about their studies and many of these people have become long-standing friends of mine. we gather so much energy and different ideas from all these people which we can then feed back into making LM even better. It is the best part of my job !!!

Or your little blue pages for German grammar ……. Definitely a ‘Gosia’ thing. 😊

Photo credit: www.carolinedyersmith.com

Gosia Kubat & Alma Zdralovic