Hublot x Richard Orlinski

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Most of you have seen Richard Orlinski’s brightly coloured Pop Art-style multi-facetted beasts somewhere before. The “Wild Kong” gorilla sculpture in Cannes and his bright-coloured crocodiles in the sunshine of the Miami Design District, to his 5-metre-tall bear on the snowy pistes of chic Courchevel.

Richard Orlinski  and Hublot combine their know-how to create the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski, featuring a brand-new design.

Miami  was chosen to celebrate this union, the sculptor and the watch company in two special venues right in the heart of the Design District: The Hublot boutique and the Markowicz Fine Art gallery, where Orlinski artworks are exhibited.

‘The fusion of our two universes – that of Hublot who takes precious materials to create exceptional products, and my own bright world of colour inspired by Pop Art – came about quite spontaneously, almost naturally’.
Richard Orlinski

‘Original, bold, intriguing, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski is a sculpture which tells the time. Unique, its entire structure is bevelled, shaped by the facets created by the world’s bestselling contemporary French artist. Its three-dimensional silhouette meant completely redesigning the construction of the case, whose facets have been extended to all the contours of the bezel.’

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO, Hublot

The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski, limited-edition of 200 pieces in two brand-new models: one in titanium and the other in blue ceramic.
Richard Orlinski presented a major challenge for the Hublot Manufacture – a three-dimensional fold in the case – which had to be modelled before it was cut from ceramic and titanium. These two materials feature one of the artist’s iconic signatures: mirror polishing.

Photos by Omar Vega/Hublot