Kiki Kogelnik at Art Basel Miami Beach

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KIKI KOGELNIK at Kabinett/ Art Basel Miami Beach by König Galerie

Kiki Kogelnik died in 1997 as one of the most important Pop-Art artist. Born in Austria, she was a painter, sculptor and printmaker.

König Galerie only recently discovered Kogelnik, as she was overshadowed by male contemporaries throughout her career. In 2015 she had a long-deserverd breakthrough when the Tate Modern exhibited ‘The World Goes Pop’ where she participated. After the show, the name of Kogelnik was clearly known by curators and collectors.

Kiki Kogelnik’s works reflect an optimism and advancement in technologies, space and communication. She was one of the first to apply fluorescent colours. She was later known for her ‘Women Works’ series addressing the female role featured in commercial advertising.

Since the artist’s death, the Kiki Kogelnik Foundation, a U.S. non-profit organization was established, with offices in Vienna and New York City. The foundation’s mission is to protect, document, research and perpetuate the creative legacy of Kiki Kogelnik.