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Maria Marta Crespo

Artist Representation 2021

My work is the constant search to be able to express my inner-self’

Maria Marta Crespo

Argentinean artist María Marta Crespo has been completely devoted to her art for over 20 years and made it her destiny. Influenced by many of the greats, such as Cezanne, Picasso, Velazquez and Hokusai, she applies to the canvases an implementation of acrylics to create what she calls “a hymn to colour that procures feelings of joy, and delights the audience.” Her vivid portfolio of contemporary abstract work has already won many fans and collectors in Latin America and Japan.

As a painter, she works from intuition and emotion. She strives to create one of a kind paintings, every one containing a piece of her world and life experiences. She uses mostly acrylic paint and her pieces are recognisable canvas.

Te amo Buenos Aires

Abstract Dialogue

In an abstract work, the colours and mixes step forward and become a significant part of the work itself. A skilled artist is conscious of its own means and talents and of the space around it.

Using abstraction in various sizes and mediums as a tool to open up  a special dialogue. Often creating work with meaning and feeling.

Las Alternativas son muchas III

Compositions of colour

The abstract paintings are based on systematic compositions, shape and divisions, forms and colours that use visual techniques and structures drawn from various cultures.  In the abstract expression, the intention is to seek to achieve a form that is constantly evolving. The aim is to open up the work in both colourful and symbolic.

Las alternativas son muchas II

Crespo uses mark making tools such as charcoal, graphite and pencils along with nails or anything else to scratch into the surface and create texture. Experimenting regularly allowing  surprise. Her art is filled with colour, which reflects the joy she feels within and the positive experiences in life.

Gracias, gracias, gracias.

‘Velazquez, Picasso, Schielle, Cezanne, Hokusai have greatly influenced my career as an artist. I use all the necessary techniques to express my feelings and wishes.There is not a specific technique, I let my freedom and inspiration guide me’.

‘I love Art! It is in the search, that I have overcome to fulfil many projects. The passion for colour in my ‘lietmotiv’, my language, my way to communicate without saying a word’.

Luna en Libra

Y sacudile tu furulete- Triptic

Japanese gallerists contacted me, causing me to enter a culture very different to mine. They are always so kind and grateful for my work.

Meet Maria Marta Crespo

1. Tell us why you decided to become an artist.

I am a systems analyst, I developed my profession for eight years (successfully) in large companies. Then, life made me decide whether or not to continue, so I ended up deciding to leave. My paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, and my mother all engaged in amateur artistry. Clearly, a seed was placed in me, and it was at that time that my search began, over twenty years ago. Over the years I have come to realise my love for art has no end and that I have to do it professionally. 

2. What type of artist do you consider yourself?

I am a contemporary abstract artist.

3. Do you have mentors or advisors?

No. I have had a few master artists whom I respect and admire, but they have not been my mentors, they have rather accompanied me in my search. 

4. What is your artistic process in creating your work?

Before I worked on a series, a theme like thread. Now I work freely on each artwork, discovering throughout the process where it wants to be taken. I try to make it so that the artwork stays open and can transmit and connect with the viewer in a language that is not explicitly spoken. 

5. Name three visual artists you admire.

Velazquez, Picasso, Schielle, Cezanne, Hokusai and a few more.

6. Have you overcome any challenges in your career?

My challenges have been to dare myself to interact with many people in the world, even without speaking their language, and to be able to work together without troubles.

7. Has representation in a gallery always been your dream or has been working independently been more beneficial? Or both?

Both have been beneficial.

8. What is one of the strangest or funniest moments of your career?

I have had various pleasant and funny moments! Art allows me to fully enjoy life, I love every new challenge. In terms of something special, my dear Japanese gallerists contacted me, causing me to enter a culture very different to mine. They are always so kind and grateful for my work!

9. What advice would you give an emerging artist?

That they work very much. That they fall in love with art. That they be optimistic and attentive to any circumstances that arise. 

10. As you reflect, what have been the factors that have influenced your artistic career?

The factors that have influenced are: my great love for what I do, my family that supports me unconditionally, and my full and professional disposition towards my work.

11. What are you currently working on?

I am still working on my abstract artworks and am developing a creativity related app.

Good Luck

Maria Marta Crespo uses the authenticity of colours to deconstruct and reconstruct ideas and feelings.

Photos copyright by: Maria Marta Crespo