Marianne Stecker

Marianne Stecker

1. When did you start working in the Financial Industry?

After my Bachelor in 1989 I entered the financial industry at Schweizerische Kreditanstalt in Zurich (today Credit Suisse) where I started as an assistant in the credit department for institutional clients. It was the best I could do as I learned a lot within a short time.


2. Tell us about your professional journey in Finance…

My career began at Credit Suisse where I got a wonderful overview about the Swiss banking system and its services. I was lucky to look into various departments which widened my know-how a lot. After a couple of years working in a big Swiss Bank I decided to move on to private banks and experience the Private Banking Sector. Additionally, I was able to educate myself further as I passed and hold the Diploma in Advanced Studies in Private Banking & Wealth Management.


3. Finance is for you…

… important on a worldwide basis as everyone needs it in their daily life for either small and big topics. For example, think about traveling, without financial services going around the world would be impossible. This will never change, but there is currently a big change for these services ahead, thinking about Fintech. Within the next 5 – 10 years you will see how the financial sector will look differently, also due to further regulations.


4. Who do you owe your success to?

My success I owe firstly to my family and friends, secondly to a few close people who guided me honestly and critically, privately and workwise througout the years. These people believe in me and understand my way of thinking and they have the same values than I do. I will always be thankful that I have a trustworthy network.

5. Why did you decide to move on into a Family Offices?

After over 20 years working in the Swiss Private Banking in Switzerland and abroad, I decided to see something different and extend my horizon. At that time, I read a lot about Family Offices as well how they are organized and about their needs which caught my interest.


6. What makes Switzerland attractive for Family Offices in your view?

Switzerland is in general a great working place. Our country is located in the center of Europe acting as a hub. If you thing about Switzerland you could always count on its important values like neutrality, safe heaven for currencies and political stability. These facts attract many people and companies which appreciate our country and Family Offices see exactly these values doing their businesses with us.


7. In your spare time you decided to do Charity. What exactly?

From 2012-2014 I joined the Board of a Swiss Charity Organization called Meenakshi Foundation ( which supports Indian Girls in Bangalore/India, age 14-21, in their education. This opportunity came across through a private contact tot he president and she asked me to support them in my spare time – I was humbled. The Menakshi Foundation supports these girls in the school as well as helps them to enter Universities or joining the workforce after passing the Bachelor. This phase in my life was very satisfying and I know with more time sometimes in the future I would like to do much more of Charity work again.

8. How could we be more involved in your Charity project?

The Meenakshi girls in Bangalore normally come from underpriviledged families and do not have the money to send their daughters to school. Meenakshi has competent and local people who see exactly whom and when we could help. As the Meenakshi Foundation is a transparent NGO, very small and family oriented organized all the money who people could donate will be invested in the cause. I visited them in Bangalore, talked tot he girls and the people involved and was simply impressed. Therefore, I could only recommend to donate such a cause. The payment details you will find on the website or you could anytime contact me.


9. Where would we find you in Switzerland?

You will normally find me in Zurich which is my home and my city. There is only one city in Switzerland which could compete, it’s Lucerne. I regularly spend sometime there as I find this town extremly friendly and charming.

In the winters you will find me on the ski slopes either around Zurich or in the Engadin or Valais. In the Summers I love to be outdoors, on a golf course, hiking or also swimming in the lake of Zurich.


10. Traveling is one of your passion. Which destination could you recommend?

Yes it is, indeed. I found this passion when I was 21 while I did my English studies in California (USA). Within the years, the choice of destinations is mainly connected with personal contacts which are wide spread on this planet and within various cultures.

So far, I was lucky enough to visit all continents which makes this question quite difficult to answer.

Let’s put it like that:
The culture and temples in Cambodia was very impressive but on the other hand the vibes at the Carneval in Rio de Janeiro were amazing. If I think of New Years Eve Celebration in New York City simply magic but traveling through Japan with dance performances will always be in my memories. Also the beauty of the Australian West Coast was touching and Hong Kong exciting as the „Big Apple of Asia“.

An unforgettable experience I made some years ago and in India. I traveled through this country many times and I got to know Mumbai and all the way south quite a lot. Traveling with them in trains, busses or with drivers and spending time with locals will be unforgettable.

I am blessed to say that the world gave me always happiness at its finest so far!


11. What are your favourite Restaurants in Switzerland?

To be honest, I do not go out for dinner very often.

When I go out I like fine food with a good service as well as a nice ambience, this is what mainly counts. In Zurich I have a few names like Razzia, Fischstube, Kaufleuten and Baerengasse. Once in a while it is fun to try a newly opened Restaurant – recently Lucky Dumpling.

I also chose Restaurants carefully and combine a lunch or a dinner with a sportive activity, either in the mountains while skiing nor on a golf course while playing golf.


12. Which magazines / websites do you often browse?

I regularly browse NZZ, Financial Times, The Economist, FuW and various magazines particular in Finance. For leisure I prefer reading Annabelle, Vogue, ELLE, living and travel magazines.

13. What couldn’t you live without?

As I count myself as a positive character, I could not live without my happiness and joy for things and people. Going through life like that is wonderful. I was lucky enought to reach that stage in life.


14. Which food is your favourite?

Once in a while I love to have a great piece of meat, but on the other hand, I could not resist with sweets…


15. And lastly, which item identifies you?

… difficult question, but first of all, people clearly mention that my shining blue eyes identify me- it’s like a trademark. Furthermore,  I think there are rare moments where I do not wear a scarf in all kind of shapes. I also love a variety of parfums and jewellery and I think every woman should at least wear one piece of jewellery she really likes and identifies her.

Marianne Stecker