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Marie Payro

Artist Representation 2021

‘Colours and I are one’

Marie Payro

Marie Payro is a romantic Abstract artist from Argentina. While balancing between her thoughts and feelings while creating, Payro’s work emphasis that sense of romanticism and pure beauty that we feel it immediately.

Creating captivating and colour intensive work with an idea of continuing the construction of  romantic pieces. Payro’s paintings are rich assemblages of underlayered abstract forms, vibrant romantic colours, pastel gestures, and floral motifs. Applied colours on canvas through a dynamic interaction, a physical push and pull dialogue in which pastel palettes and romantic and feminine orientation continuously lead until all the elements are balanced right.

Marie Antoinette

Romantic Nature

Romantic artists challenged the idea that reason was the one path to truth, judging it inadequate in understanding the great mysteries of life. These mysteries could be uncovered with emotion, imagination, and intuition. Nature is especially celebrated as the place in which mysteries could be revealed to the mind.


Free Expression of candid gestures

As a pure Romantic artist emphasises,: a life filled with deep feeling, spirituality, and free expression, seeing such virtues as beauty, free spirit and creativity. Payro’s art also extolled the value of delicacy beings, which they believed to have infinite, godlike potential. Mixing mystery and floral emblems, the ultimate softness in textures are all about a fragile sensuous of delicacy.


Appreciating romantic art is all about perception and personal experience, just as capturing it.

Encantada on wall

Cuore on wall

Meet Marie Payro

  1. Tell us why you decided to become an artist?


It was instinctive. I was curious about art from an early age, although I did not think of it as a profession I would dedicate myself to completely. However, after a while and after having pursued other careers, I decided to study visual arts in 2011. I am passionate about artistry as a job, but I also like to know why things are the way they are


   2. What type of artist do you consider yourself?


These days I would describe myself as an expressionist artist; within it I fluctuate between a gestural art and something more romantic, delicate and harmonious. In both, the line and the point are the protagonists.


  3. Do you have mentors or advisers?


I started working with Maria Flames. I believe that her contribution would help to further boost my career. When you are in a growth and development stage, it is important to have consultancies and surround yourself with people who are creative and with which you can collaborate throughout your career. 


 4. What is your artistic process when creating an artwork?


I nourish myself with lots of information, I do research work when I am interested in a topic. In fact many times I start to cause stains and wonderful things appear, such as effects on the canvas that guide me, as I paint I create. I do not make sketches but I choose the color palette. My emotional state also influences a lot so I never know how it is going to turn out and that is the magical aspect.


 5. Name three visual artists you admire.


Picasso, Monet, Yayoi Kusama


 6. Have you overcome any challenges in your career?


When I was starting, I think an important challenge was to build up the courage to show my art, which I consider to form part of my being. Exposing myself did not feel comfortable, but I learned to free myself from the fear of criticism. I paint what I feel, then I share it. 


 7. Has the representation in a gallery always been a dream has working independently always been beneficial? Or both?

I feel that both complement each other, there are stages where perhaps one is more convenient than the other.


 8. Tell us one of the strangest or most exciting moments in your career?


I tend to receive many messages on social media from people who admire my art. I’ve received some surprising messages these past few months. People that do not know me were inspired to paint again after the connection they felt through my artworks. There was a case of a woman who left her passion for painting, who then saw my artworks and felt inspired once again. Just like her, there were many others who expressed what the artwork transmits to them. This was very surprising and motivating for me. 


 9. What advice would you give to an emerging artist?


Trust yourself and your work, never compare yourself and know how to handle criticism. One is always an apprentice, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. This profession requires courage and patience.


 10. While you reflect, which were the factors that influenced your career as an artist?


Something that had an influence recently was the pandemic, as chaotic as it may be, in my case it allowed me more time to be creative and to concentrate on my work. My rhetoric is influenced by my taste in the era of romanticism. Another influence is self-knowledge. I began to let my emotions flow through strokes and colors, painting without a specific idea or concept, something I would not have been able to reveal before. When I was in university we only did study work but I did not create based on my tastes or beliefs.


 11. What are you currently working on?


I am currently working on my own website and online shop. As a project I was thinking of making a romantic style collection called Marie Antoinette, who is my inspiring muse. I was also asked to carry out a series of artworks that I will be presenting on a television program. The idea is to be able to expand and create greater diffusion through marketing and sales campaigns not only locally but also internationally. For this we are working together with you (Maria Flames)

Marie Antoinette on wall

Photos copyright by: Marie Payro