Melanie Thiel

Melanie Thiel

Melanie Thiel was born 1971 in north-western Germany where she also went to school.
From 1990 on she spent 2 years in France working at different locations in the fields of tourism, event and real estate.
The following 8 years she has explored the tourism and hospitality industry with focus on sales and marketing. After this extensive experience, including a large travel agency, an international tour operator and a global hotel chain, she changed business and started working in real estate sales – in Germany and internationally. Since early 2011 she lives in Switzerland and has fulfilled different tasks around the Andermatt resort project. In 2013 she joined Andermatt Realty for sales and marketing of The Chedi Residences Andermatt.


1. So tell us Melanie, what brought you to Andermatt?

The call of a headhunter at end of 2010 helped to bring the best of two worlds together:
of my private life – as my partner already lived in Switzerland, because I love the mountains and I am addicted to ski; of my professional life – as I can use my expertise from tourism/hospitality and real estate. Both together are ideal for promoting the amazing Andermatt project.
Meeting Samih Sawiris at my first interview and get to know his vision deeply impressed me – and I am proud to contribute my own little share in the success story of Andermatt.


2. What is Andermatt Realty?

Andermatt Realty is a real estate brokerage firm specialized in the sale of The Chedi Residences Andermatt and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss Finance and Property, an alternative investment and advisory firm based in Zurich. The Chedi Andermatt is one of Switzerland’s most talked about real estate projects in recent times. The contemporary 5-star luxury hotel and apartment development, set in the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, comprises 50 hotel rooms and 119 residences for sale.


3. Why these exclusive serviced apartments are so special?

Created by award-winning architect Jean-Michel Gathy, The Chedi Residences Andermatt are impeccably presented and completely furnished, combining the traditionally alpine with contemporary design. The Residences are an integral part of the The Chedi hotel and owners enjoy numerous benefits, such as hotel-services, the membership to the private 2’400 m² spa, the playing right for the 18-hole championship golf course in Andermatt, covered valet parking and discounts on food, beverage and spa treatments. With all of the services and amenities proposed, ownership at The Chedi offers a true “privilege of ease” – nothing to worry about your home in the Alps and simply enjoy yourself and the other interesting people in this amazing place.


4. Who can buy in Andermatt?

Anyone can buy – with no restriction or need to respect quotas for second homes. The Chedi Residences benefit from two rare USP’s:
The Lex Koller was fully waived so that any non-Swiss can buy (and re-sell) with no restrictions at all.
The second home initiative from 2012 (also known as Lex Weber) does not affect the purchase of apartments within The Chedi Andermatt – being Swiss or non-Swiss you can buy newly built secondary homes without hurdles or obligations to rent them out.
So far about half of our buyers are Swiss, the other half mostly from closer European countries, but also from Asia, the Middle East and America.


5. What does this Andermatt ski resort offer that distinguishes from the others?

First of all, Andermatt is not only a ski resort. The Chedi Andermatt is open 365 days and the authentic village of Andermatt is a year-round destination offering a broad choice of activities throughout every season.
It’s located on 1’444 m of altitude and in winter it is one of the most snow-secure spots in the Alps. The ski area goes as high as 3’000 m and the Gemsstock mountain has everything a sportive skier or freerider may dream of. Nätschen, Gütsch and Sedrun offer a good mix for all skier levels. Currently over CHF 100 Mio are invested in the ski area for an upgrade, modernization and a direct connection between Andermatt and Sedrun. Guests and owners at The Chedi benefit from a ski-in/ski-out situation as soon as the new gondola is built in 2016. The ski-arena Andermatt Sedrun will become one of the most modern ski areas in Switzerland over the next years!
Andermatt itself is very easy to reach, having the motorway as close as 6 km from the village. From Zürich you need by car only 1.15 h to 1.30 h. Additionally access by train is also very easy.


6. What do you like doing in your spare time?

Sport is my favorite – you may find me on the Andermatt golf course or on skis at the Gemsstock. Since spending most of my time in the mountains, I also discovered hiking and climbing for me. After work, the amazing fitness at The Chedi is a great spot to get the “head free”. After many years of pause, I recently started again playing the piano. Besides that I love cooking and meeting with friends.


7. Which is your favorite holiday city destination?

I am less of a city traveler – but recently Hong Kong was a great experience. In Europe I like visiting for example Lisbon, London and Vienna.


8. What can’t you live without?

My friends and the mountains.


9. What would we find in your fridge?

Always champagne – the next opportunity to enjoy a “Cüpli” never is far away.
Besides that I love Swiss specialties such as cheese and dried meat. Fresh items are always seasonal vegetables and salad.


10. And finally, what item identifies you?

I am and always was crazy about foulards – I love wearing colorful silk foulards with nearly any outfit.

Melanie Thiel