Natalia Abdulina-Lady FreshTag

Zurichsee Connections-July-August 2017-Influential Woman.

  1. So tell us Natalia, when did you start ‘’? is a new start-up, which went live early 2017.
  1. What is meant for? FreshTag is the online marketplace for businesses and clients, who interact in our everyday life in different spheres, such as Health&Beauty, Sports, Home&Garden, Pets, etc. By this platform we want to facilitate the transactions between service-based SME businesses and their clients.  Businesses showcase their work, connect with clients and build their business. While clients can easily discover new services and providers and book appointments online.
  1. aims to target 100,000 businesses in Switzerland..  It might be even more as targets SME market. We see the potential for small companies in different sectors to get found and booked by local customers. Today the most efficient marketing channel is internet via a variety of professional and social networks, but traditional marketing channels are not forgotten as well.
  1. How can we benefit from It is a powerful tool for small businesses in different sectors, which enables them to:

– reduce reception work by giving the clients a possibility to make appointments online 24/7, changes or cancelations, avoiding simple manual mistakes. On every step businesses receive notifications via emails and sms.

– keep electronic schedule, staff profiles, list of products and services and client information ALL in one place online.

– have an opportunity to control its schedules from any locations and devices.

– reduce costs by avoiding installing expensive booking solutions on websites, if at all the latter exist.

– simply gives the opportunity to be discovered in the web net by people in everyday life.

FreshTag does not compel the businesses to sign long term contracts, but gives a flexibility by providing abo solutions. Common people, or buyers, benefit by easily and quickly finding and booking the service we need, not depending on time or a day. By registering you get a personal account, which enables you to control – make, change or even delete – all your different appointments. All push notifications come in advance of 24 hours. FreshTag saves time and money, and keeps you in good mood.

  1. Where did you get the inspiration from? Being a mother of two small kids it is a challenging task to remember and plan lot’s of everyday life duties. Usually you recall about it at the end of the day when it is too late in Switzerland to reach any businesses, being it a beauty, sports, pets, etc. So came an idea to develop such an online resource, which will help you to plan your daily calendar independently of day and timing.
  1. What do you enjoying during in your spare time? Nowadays I have very few spare time, which is spent on sports.
  2. Where would we find you in Switzerland? This country brings you beauty being in any place. Winter time skiing in Graubunden, spring and autumn – Ticino, summer – by Zurich lake.
  3. Which are your favorite restaurants in Zurich? There are few nice restaurants in Zurich area, where I like to go with my family and friends. For Swiss cuisine I prefer Zum Pflugstein in Erlenbach and Buech in Herrliberg, Japanese food is great in Hato in Zurich, homemade Italian – in L’Ulivo.
  4. And your favorite country to visit? Our family takes every chance to travel all over the world. I consider it to be the most valuable time spending for us and kids, where you explore and learn new things. Our favorite destinations are Italy and Spain in Europe, Dubai and Singapore to the East, California in United States. Russia, of course, stays on a special place being a motherland.
  5. What magazines and websites inspire you? Frankly I do not remember when I hold a paper magazine in my hands. Nowadays it is all on-line. Facebook gives you today all the opportunities to follow the news, events, articles, different interests, etc., so it really helps you to stay informed and watch the trends.
  6. What can’t you live without? My family, of course.
  7. Which food would we always find in your fridge? All kind of food for big family. But always fresh and healthy.
  8. And finally what item identifies you? Honesty.

Natalia Abdulina-Lady FreshTag