Priska Medam

Priska Medam

Owner of Galerie zum Harnisch, Basel/Allschwil

1. So tell us Priska, when did you start ‘Galerie zum Harnisch’?

In 2009 I opened my gallery as an artist when we moved into a new house.

In 2011 I invited some artists to exhibit there, until 2012, when I discovered my passion for art events in clubs & party-spaces outside of my gallery.


2. Who do you owe your success to?

In 2009, I got a lot of international invitations to exhibit my art, such as New York, Miami and Cannes (during the film festival), as well as the artgenève, which I attended with the gallerist of the Basel Art Center.
In 2012 up to now, being an eventgallerist, I began to open the exhibition doors for fellow artists (in the meaning of give and take) and have had several booths at international art fairs since then.

In 2013 I organized the first benefit-exhibition at Basel Art Center called it “Mixed Art” and this coming December I will already launch the 7. Mixed Art Benefit. As a highlight during Christmas I will present the art of a well-known artist, who is a pioneer of digital art in the USA and worldwide.


3. Art is for you…

A passionate vision.


4. Why did you choose to open in Basel?

Basel is my hometown and I am proud, as a native of Basel, to create opportunities for many artists in the Dreiländereck-region to exhibit their artworks with my gallery.

Around 100 national and international artists, have exhibited their works with me so far, which makes me a little proud.


5. What is more important, the client or the artist or both?

For my artists and me, good platforms and stages are important. And, of course, the visitors are immensely important. Quality art is the «A and O». Newcomers always get a chance.


6. Tell us about ‘ Give A Chance’

It’s a heart-thing for me to do benefit-exhibitions. And for the artist as well as the visitors it’s a chance to help by selling or buying art and simply donate money.
Earlier this year I started a partnership with Give A Chance! Give A Future! This organization, founded by students in Basel, is helping nationally and internationally. In 2012, as an artist, I donated money from my art sales works for the first time. So, I am even happier now, having started this partnership!


7. What do you enjoying during in your spare time?

Because I have a lot of office time, I spent my spare time being out in the nature.


8. Where would we find you in Switzerland?

You would find me by any lake,’ cause I love to be near the water.


9. Which are your favorite restaurants in Basel?

There are a few great restaurants in Basel where I feel comfortable.


10. And your favorite country to visit?

In the future I will participate at Art fairs in the USA. Since I was planning a longer stay in the USA (which never became reality), when I was a teenager in love, I am really happy that I will be traveling the States due to my love for the arts.


11. What magazines and websites inspire you?

I am very interested in quantum physics, inspired by my father, and never can get enough information about it, by reading magazines and books about the matter.
Architecture and Economy are also favourites of mine.


12. What can’t you live without?

Life is Music –and that’s why I can’t imagine my life without music.


13. Which food would we always find in your fridge?

Pickled gherkins.


14. And finally what item identifies you?

To make the invisible visible and perceptible is my passion in all areas of life.


Photo by Wipf, Chris Delgado and Robert Varadi.

Priska Medam