Sandra Caetano

Zurichsee Connections-March-April 2018-Influential Woman.



Sandra Caetano is an inspiring individual who is married to her work. She is committed to making herself better professionally and individually every day. She always strives towards creating a better future for herself and for those around her. From the day, she started to learn and read, there was always something peculiar about Sandra’s business sense. She has been born with a natural eye for entrepreneurship. Although life has not been on her side, she has always created opportunities for herself in her mission to fulfill her dreams.

From a very young age, Sandra has always been an inspiration to her family and friends. Throughout her childhood, she had shown great enthusiasm in the practical world. She always focused on learning from experience and encouraging herself through her mistakes. By the age of 18, Sandra was already living on her own, ready to take on the world with her biggest asset; her tenacity.

Sandra did not come from a wealthy background. Throughout her life, Sandra always has had to support herself to achieve her ambitions and desires. At the age of 22, she delved into the world of entrepreneurship by opening her very first business. Although lacking the necessary experience, she believed in her ability and her desire to succeed. After 3 years she decided it was time to venture again. She traveled to Lisbon, where she began working as a Manager for a Model Agency. In addition to working at Models Agency, Sandra had also began a side project of her own. She had begun her own photography business, working with one employee.Sandra remained in Lisbon for two years; after which in 2009, she returned home to Portimao to begin work in her own modelling agency. She also worked as a Manager in a Bar Restaurant for a summer at the some owners from  the one she rented when she was 22 years old. She continued running the modeling agency until 2014, when she decided it was time to move on to better opportunities. She moved to Switzerland, Zurich in an attempt to run her modeling agency. However, the modelling business wasn’t as successful as a venture she had hoped, so she set out to begin work on OP Models Project (an International online fashion Community platform).

Her work and experience on this IT field building op models project led her to initiate OP Business; a business consultancy and IT development of software, web & apps. service that is already operating and has several clients in Switzerland already. Currently, aged 35, Sandra has come a long way from renting a rooftop bar. She has made a journey on her own, which has been riddled with bad experiences, conflicts and a continuous struggle to fight to create her own fortune. However, through her perseverance, dedication and desire to follow her dreams, she has made it this far, learning from mistakes and never giving up. Her priority has always been her profession and her dream to achieve her own success.

   1. Sandra, tell us a bit more a bit OP Business. In OP Business we don’t sell technology, we sell solutions for problems. We see technology just as a tool for our mission.

   2. And your journey in Technology. Actually, it is not all about technology, but rather combining the technology with Start-ups needs. As I have spent a long time working on and developing new projects, I realized this gap between entrepreneurs’ projects and the IT solutions that help them make their innovative ideas come to life in a profitable and successful approach. Here is where OP Business idea originally came from!

   3. What is the future for software, websites and apps?  We see future where technology is going to be everywhere from our house appliances to smart cities. Security will be a major concern, and we see new technologies of encryption and data protection a key feature to be used by default. Use of technology will be more and more needed. But Privacy and Security will be major concern for people and companies.

   4. Why is Switzerland attractive for start-ups?  Well, Switzerland is not just attractive for start-ups, it is more like a hub in which any creative and innovative idea can find all kind of support, starting from consulting services, financial facilities, reaching developed IT solutions.

    5. If you were not working in IT, what would you do? Still IT. I love what I do. I was born to work in this field.

    6. What do you do in your spare time? Be with family, cooking, painting, sculpting, meditating, some fitness and shooting.

    7. Where would we find you in Switzerland? Events of Start-ups, technology, art exhibitions, jazz bars, Opera and Classical music concerts.

    8. What are your favourite restaurants in Zurich? I don’t have a special one. But my favorite cuisines are seafood (goose barnacles, oysters, shells, stuffed crabs, salmon, sardines, butter fish) Asian (Indian, Thai, Japanese and Korean. And of course my tasty Portuguese cuisine.

    9. Which magazines and websites do you often browse? Business, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Affirmations of Motivation, Emotional Intelligence.

    10. What would we find in your fridge? starting with bacon, ham and mom cherry. 🙂 But also with fewer calories, I have always banana, avocado, rice milk, peanuts, oats, limes, coriander, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, ginger, and olives.

  11. And finally, what item identifies you? Artistic and intricate.




Sandra Caetano