Sandra Feinendegen

Zurichsee Connections-January-February 2018-Influential Woman.

So tell us what is Dr Feinendegen Praxis?

The Feinendegen Praxis is a surgery day clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Zurich Zollikon led by an expert in plastic,reconstructive and aesthetic surgery where plastic and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as general aesthetic treatments are offered. The doctor according to the name is called Dominik Ludwig Feinendegen who also happens to be my husband.

 Why did you decide to work in the medical field?

As often in life it happened to be a mere coincidence. I was always very eager in learning new things. After my A-levels I was pondering about studying medicine, but then decided to pursue a different career in the realms of politics, international relations, and business. Therefore, I ended up working for the EU and working internationally in Asia.

When I got to know my husband some time ago, it happened over time that I took over more responsibility in his clinic. I first started with managing the back-office, to internet presence and website work until I conducted more and more doing clinical work for him. Over the years, I read manifold courses in the area of a medical assistant in order to be able to help him in his daily routine and within his surgeries.

So, in the end falling in love with a doctor was pushing me into a field of work, which I once neglected to work in and which I  have never imagined before I would end up with.

Who could visit Dr Feinendegen?

Every patient regardless of societal status will be warmly welcomed at Dr. Feinendegen who wishes either to ameliorate its physical appearance and to improve the signs of aging, or who has the medical need of reconstructive surgery after skin tumors and accidents.

Dr. Feinendegen’s main focus is based on aesthetic treatments of the face, reducing the signs of aging and the reconstruction of facial defects such as after skin carcinomas or soft tissue defects after accidents, as well as body contouring and body forming and breast surgery, including augmentation, tightening, reduction and reconstruction.

Apart from surgical procedures for anti aging Dr. Feinendegen is specialised in conservative treatments like filler treatments and botulinum toxin, cryotherapy against age spots as well as the personalised cell therapy treatment – platelet rich plasma therapy.

Dr. Feinendegen also consults for weight reduction with individual diet programms.

How can plastic and reconstructive surgery improve our life?

With any kind of surgery regardless of aeshtetic or reconstructive reasons we give the patient back a quality of life and self-esteem. Regarding to the wording and idea of Joseph Murray, plastic surgeon from New York and Nobel prize winner, we consider ourselves as surgeons of the soul.

When does the result show off?

The results can be seen immediately after the treatments performed. However, it can take some time for the final result to be visible as it takes time to heal for the body, depending on the procedures performed.

What is the future of plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery will be more and more individualised as we can see in general medicine. Over the years we could observe more and more individual based treatments where we use own body substances in order to improve the signs of aging as for example platelet rich plasma therapy or our own body fat, which we use in order to augment for instance women’s breasts or for body contouring procedures. The big issue and debate for the future will be stem cell therapies and improvement of techniques of own body fat transfer.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I enjoy meeting many people from different backgrounds and the feeling of being able to help them realising their wishes and concerns.

For my husband and me the joy in our work is to see our patients happy and to see that procedures went well. The most rewarding moment is a patient’s smile and when they come back and are loyal to us over the years.

If you were not at Dr. Feinendegens praxis where would you be?

If I would have not met my future husband, I would likely either work for an international organisation or company in the area of human resources, and crisis management. Apart from working with and for my husband, I pursue a PhD in crisis and resilience management.

Apart from that all I run an estate with my husband with Arabian horses, a dog, and not to forget a cat.

So after all, I believe I am right where I am needed to be. I can call myself very blessed as I am able to have so many different and fulfilling jobs.

The best holidays ever?

My best holidays on my own where when I travelled around Scotland during my studies at the University of St Andrews where I read human resource management. I loved the breathtaking landscape, the castles, the ancient cultures and the traces of the Jacobites.

Apart from Scotland the best holidays I ever made  with my husband where when we visited friends on Long Island (NY), traveled around the US, including Chicago, LA, and Florida and Canada.

As a couple we also love Fuertuventura, where you can surf excellently and where the beaches are endless.

We also love and enjoy Switzerland a lot, with its amazing and diverse landscape. Therefore we spend our winter holidays always here, either in Wengen (Bernes Alpes) or in the Engadin, in Pontresina.

But we also love our estate with our horses, as this feels like holidays every weekend, well at least a bit. Our home is our sanctuary and our retreat which allows us to handle all work load and all obstacles on our way.

Where can we find you in Switzerland?

You can find us in both our clinics in Zurich Zollikon and in our clinic in Schaffhausen.

From Monday until Thursday evening we are in Zurich Zollikon, and on Friday, and Saturday we are in our clinic in Schaffhausen.

Apart from that you can find me walking with our Rhodesian Ridgeback on the Allmend in Zollikon or in the Tobel in Küsnacht.

Which item identifies you?

I believe the best answer to that question would be to ask my family and friends which characteristic feature identifies myself.

However, I believe my personality stands out by values such as honesty, tolerance, open-mindedness, eager to learn new things and get to know new people, animal loving, caring for my family and friends as well as a never ending interest for other cultures and languages.










Sandra Feinendegen