Valeria Vinclair-IMN

Valeria Vinclair

Autumn 2018-Young Entrepreneur

Helping People achieve their Financial Freedom

Exceptionally talented, award-winning entrepreneur and speaker, her diligence and ambition enabled her to become a successful businesswoman, who is living the dream. Founder of IMN Switzerland Business Network coaching entrepreneurs to start and grow their business and Vinclair Investment Partners, which provides Smart Investments backed by Real Estate.

Valeria Vinclair, frequently speaks around the world empowering people to achieve the life of their dreams by achieving financial freedom. She truly believes that time is people’s most valuable asset and her unique talent is to show others how to free up their time and work on the projects they love.

Meet Valeria Vinclair

1. How do you balance life and work?

Balance is a complex word, there is no way to be able to plan for the many emergencies that happen as an entrepreneur, parent, and wife. In a single day I can jump between working with our investors, to finding real estate investment deals, and taking Mark (our baby) out to play. What I do believe in is to set boundaries for my clients, my son, and my husband to ensure I am 100 percent present in each situation.

For example, when I’m at work, my clients have all my attention and focus. Similarly, when I’m in parent mode, I communicate to my clients that my child has 100 percent of my attention. By setting boundaries and giving all my focus on what’s in front of me I can provide the best results for my investors and ensure that I’m giving Mark (and Cedric, my husband) quality time.


2. What motivates or inspires you?

What motivates me are my husband Cedric, and our baby son Mark, the #babypreneur. They are the rock that give me the strength to do what I love to do – which is to make all the difference in the world.

Second of all it has to be our clients, when we were first getting started, it was really difficult for people to believe in us but as we secured more and more real estate investments and given consistent returns they really supported and both Cedric and I will be forever grateful.


3. What are your hobbies?

What a great question! As many of you reading this know, finding time for yourself can be difficult when you’re building a business.

When I’m not analyzing real estate opportunities, speaking on stages, and working with our investors, I enjoy reading and walking through the Swiss countryside with Cedric, Mark, and our French bulldog, Sunny.


4. Which company or person of influence do you admire?

As an investor, I’ve got to say Warren Buffet!

He said something that completely changed my philosophy when it comes to wealth:“Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source

That’s what real estate investing has given me and my family, multiple sources of income. Each new real estate we acquire for ourselves or our investors creates another stream of income, keeping their wealth safe and allowing them to build an amazing life for their families.


5. What challenges have you faced today?

The biggest challenge I have on a daily basis (and I’m sure many of you can relate) is choosing where to prioritize my time. On a business level it’s deciding whether to focus on finding real estate investments and generating leads. On a personal level it’s deciding whether to take Cedric out for a date, take Mark for a walk, or have some personal time for myself.


6. What made you start a new business like ‘Vinclair Investment Partners’?

It was a combination of seeing the trauma that poor financial decisions can create in a family and wanting to give my son the legacy he deserves for the best life possible. What actually forced us to start the business is a different story.

For a long time I, like most of our clients, thought that investing was “risky” and that my hard-earned wealth would be best kept safe if I left it in a bank.

However, has my husband and I began our own personal investment journey with his 20+ years of experience in development and our 30 years accumulated experience in project execution, we started researching wealth. We realized that we were actually losing money by leaving our saving in the bank.

As we looked at the figures and the wealth projections, we realized we would never reach our projected wealth by leaving our capital in a bank. So, we study highly successful entrepreneurs and realized that everyone that had created wealth invested in real estate.

We decided to learn everything  we can possible know about real estate investment, do it for ourselves, get the best business and real estate investment coaches and partners to become the best at it. Once Cedric, Mark, and I started building our own successes, we saw that we could empower others to do the same.

Valeria Vinclair

7. What is unique about your business?

We looked at the real estate investment market and saw that there were a lot of people doing the same kind of thing. They’d invest in a single area and once that stopped working they’d move onto a different area.

Unlike the majority of Real Estate Investment companies we’ve built relationships in the UK, Germany, and, of course, Switzerland. This means that we can give our client’s a hugely diverse portfolio lowering the risk to them as well as finding deals that other investors don’t have access to.

Now, our client’s might tell you that it’s our passion and family values that make us unique. But from a pure business sense it’s our understanding of international investing and access to three different international real estate markets that makes us unique.


8. Are you looking to expand your business geographically or add new products or services?

Of course! Growing the business is almost as good as seeing Mark grow up! Our next step is to automatize many of the systems that we’ve created and delegate more of the day-to-day tasks to our team.

Nevertheless, as we are growing we will focus on delegating more and more to partners, and providing more online services and we will personally only work with specific set of clients.


9. Which social media channels are your favourites are why?

Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s been wonderful to see how much support people give us when we post online providing education and sharing about our life as entrepreneurs.

At first I was very shy about posting “business-stuff” online and scared that people would judge me negatively. But everyone’s been so amazing and we’ve found a number of clients simply by sharing our successes via Social Media.


10. Name 3 top skills to become a successful entrepreneur ?

There are so many skills that you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur and the truth is that most “entrepreneurs” will struggle or maybe fail on their first few attempts.

Nevertheless, if I may choose 3 I would say Endurance, Adaptability and Enthusiasm if they have that, entrepreneurs will succeed anywhere anytime.


11. Entrepreneurship is something you are born with or can it be learned?

Entrepreneurship is something that can absolutely be learned.  As someone that had to learn how to be an entrepreneur myself, I can say that everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur can be learned. Most important is to have perseverance and not to give up!


12. If you were to give advice to someone who is just starting up, what would it be?

When starting a new business there is an overwhelming amount of information to learn, data to analyse, and skill sets to build. Something that would have massively made my journey easier was to get qualified support sooner. Starting a business feels expensive, but one of the best investments I ever made was buying coaches to help me build my businesses. Similarly, instead of looking for cheap options, everyone that I’ve hired to help me has proven their ability to get results.If you’re looking to succeed in business, my three biggest takeaways for you today are:

  • Invest in coaching and expertise.
  • Join a network/Use your existing network
  • Ask for help

Running your own business can be a lonely experience, but only if you choose it to be. Getting help will ensure you don’t fail and empower you to be more successful than you currently know. Contact me if you’d like to know more about taking your business to the next level I am happy to help.


13. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

We’re at a really interesting point in our business where we’ve got a proven track record and looking to expand our team so Cedric and I can focus on delivering more value to our investors.

We’ve also been running a business network with over 150 members for the past years and have just gotten a massive opportunity to evolve that into something even more amazing.

Let’s see what the future brings.


14. To who do you attribute your success?

Thank you so much for asking this question! I love having the opportunity to talk about this.

I wouldn’t be here today without my husband Cedric. As a life partner he’s helped me through a lot of the emotional stress of starting and running a business. As a business partner, he’s taught me so much about the technical aspect of analyzing smart investments and looking at the numbers that make a business work.

Valeria & Cedric Vinclair
Photos copyright by: Jeannette Johannsen-Evans

Valeria Vinclair-IMN