VIVAMAYR Altaussee- Detox in an Austrian Paradise

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Health, vitality and well-being as a principle for a joyful life.

Joining’ Maria Worth’ as the second Vivamayr ‘s exclusive locations in Austria.

Vivamayr Altaussee opened in April 2015 as one of the world’s leading luxury medical detoxification centres.  If you are looking for rest, relaxation and health, Vivamayr Altaussee combines one of the most advance medical centres in the world with a modern and luxurious spa to provide a unique retreat experience.


By the Lake Altausse in a breathtaking and tranquil scenery, the Clinic Vivamayr Altaussee specializes in modern Mayr medicine lead by Medical Director Dr.Sepp Fegerl.  The Mayr medicine is a revolutionary natural cure based on intestinal cleansing that combines medical detox, individualized diets and holistic healing treatments.

Dr.Fegerl and his team combine advanced modern international healing medicine with traditional healing methods. They work with each patient daily to develop a tailored detox and an individual programmed designed to treat each person’s health concerns.

The VIVAMAYR Principle for Health, Vitality and Well-being.

Vivamayr helps people to achieve a balance body and mind. Being mindful of one’s body, eating high-quality food, taking the right amount of exercise, regular contact with the physician and constant medical care are the requirements for finding balance.

Detoxification is the core element of any of the Vivamyr Altaussee’s treatment programme.  Emphasising on rest, a strict cleansing of the digestive system and a re-edutcation of the eating habits ( e.g.learning to slow down and chew food properly to encourage proper digestion).  All of this is supported by a daily specialized manual abdominal Mayr massage to help the digestive function for a further detox process with a prescribed treatment programme.

In a sophisticated and elegant ambiance, the Vivamayr Altaussee allows guests to charge batteries and become in peace. The unique location of the Altaussee offers exclusive therapies where the pure mountain air  and the healing power of the Glauber Salt Spring waters include Mineral Salt treatments, Watsu Water Therapy, Micro Inmune Therapy and Oxygen and Infusion Therapy.

Skin and Beauty work in synergy with the other medical and health treatments to give you the best skin condition at maximum results.

Patients enjoy delicious meals elaborated by chef Martin Stein who works with the best local and organic products delivering a mouth-watering menu with a very high nutritional content.

Mind, Body and Soul at Vivamyr Altaussee resort. Spend a memorable detox holidays in the majestic mountains  with a sense of well-being at one the most beautiful locations in Austria.

Hotel Manager Ms.Heide Perndorfer will be happy to assist you. Your detox experience will be incomparable.