World Polo League wins 18th Bendura Bank Snow Polo Worldcup Kitzuehel

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The winner takes it all.

Kitzpolo 2020

Kitzpolo 2020

The favourite alpine winter paradise buzzed with excited spectators, world-class players and more faboulous social gatherings. Kitzbühel in January is your haven.

Kitzbühel Polo was established with the initial Snow Polo Tournament in January 2003. Starting with 4 international teams and 1000 visitors from the very begining.This winter event has established itself as a one of the leading global polo events, reaching 8 international teams and 18000 spectators by now. In 2016 the first Polo Club Kitzbühel was founded and was offcially hosting the 18 Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup tournament in Kitzbühel.

The 18 Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup was held in Kitzbühel last weekend. Over three days, international polo powerhorses tested their mettle in inmaculate conditions for the much-desired trophy surrounded by the Wilder Kaiser mountains. Eight healthy teams warmly equipped and prepared to battle for the 18th Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel. Eleven nations represented from all over the world. The teams were: Bendura Bank ( Melissa Ganzi +1 USA, Alejandro Novillo Estrada +8 ARG and Tito Gaudenzi +3 CH), Engel & Völkers (TC Ana Escobedo +1 MEX , Segundo Darritchon +2 ARG and Jonny Good +8 ENG). World Polo League (TC Marc Ganzi +2 USA Juan Bautista Peluso +3 ARG and Nic Roldan +8 USA), Corum (TC Eckhardt Juls +1 GER, Patrick Maleitzke +5 GER and Juan Ruiz-Guiñazú +4 ARG). Bernd Gruber (TC Helmut Wieser +0 AUS Pato Bolanterio +5 AZE and Santiago Marambio +7 ARG). GP Mobility (Henrique Schalldach +2 BRA, TC Marcus Schalldach +2 BRA and Guilhermo Lins +6 BRA). Intocast (TC Matthias Normann +1 AUS, Micky Duggan +5 ARG and Martin Jauregui +5 ARG). Laurent-Perrier (TC Sebastian Schneeberger +2 GER, Phillip de Groot +2 NED and Valentin Novillo Astrada +7 ARG).

With over 10cms of snow overnight, the polo field became a winter wonderland, the ideal weather conditions for this exciting snowy tournament.

Action was the name of the game as the two teams GP Mobility and World Polo League made it to the finals. Odds in just only one match, the nonetheless but really impressive final between World Polo League from America and GP Mobility from Copa Cabana, Brazil.

The teams were equally strong.  American Nic Roldan was a favourite in all the bets as the teams strode onto the field, but GP Mobility had the advantage of two goals on handicap, so World Polo League had to work a bit harder. The joy came within minutes,  with a goal from WPL Captain Marc Ganzi, aka the Cobra. His eight-goal teammate Roldan and  two-goaler Juan Bautista Peluso contributed to a clean victory.

Kitzpolo 2020

Polo is a mixure of action, horses, players and speed! The polo ponies make the game possible and most players credit at least 80% of their performance to their ponies, making them the most important players on the field.

Players will use several ponies per polo match- the average for snow polo is usually five or more per player, per match.

Kitzpolo 2020


Meet Ana Escobedo

Team Captain of Engel & Völkers. Handicap 1

  • What brought you to the Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel this year?

It was a proposal made by my coach and friend Jonny Good. He knows I enjoy trying new things in polo and so it seemed fun to do it.

  • What is your favourite thing about snow polo?

It was the first time on the polo arena!

  • Which is your best pony and why?

Hard to say, each of my ponies have a special attribution-sometimes, the best of the day is the one that gives me the most confidence, or sometimes it is the one that pushes me the hardest, so it’s difficult to identify a single one. However, the mare that introduced me to polo will always be my favourite. Her name is Adelina and I still play her.

Ana Escobedo

Photos by Kitzpolo.