2nd ZC Digital Branding Workshop in Motel One Zurich 

We discussed how to deliver an attractive visual branding exposure or a valuable and convincing content online.

Are you choosing the right network to reach your potential clients?

And publishing consitently a message that matters?

Our 2nd ZC Digital Branding Workshop moderated by Marketing Strategist Pavel Jakovlev And the attendes were: Valeria Vinclair, Dorothy Kuklik, Nicolas Scheuermann, Elena de Rooij, Natalia Kaplan, Charlotte Hoffmann, Branca Good, Katie Koyle, Alexandra Stiegler, Money Chin, Suzana Pezo, Monica Subietas, Sara Schjoedt-Eriksen, Elena Kupreeva, Ruslan Mahhov and Pavel Jakovlev.

ZC 2nd Digital Branding Workshop