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“Aesthetic medicine is the art of achieving a fresh, natural appearance through minimally invasive treatments”

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Karin Gaida short BIO

When I was little my family lived in a village outside of Vienna. It was so small always felt out of place there. Luckily my father got promoted and the whole family moved to Vienna, where I also went to medical school. I have one sister who is a family doctor and still lives in Vienna.




Aqua gold fine touch

20 hair-thin 24k gold-plated needles sit on a vial that can be filled with products tailored to the skin, such as mesotherapy cocktails, serums, hyaluronic acid and botox. With micro needling, which is carried out as if with a stamp, the active ingredients penetrate deeply and almost painlessly through micro-channels into the skin. Since the micro puncture channels close within 60 seconds, this gentle treatment allows you to return to everyday life immediately.

Possible areas of application are Botox facial and mesotherapy for moisturizing and regenerating the skin, for a radiant complexion, for small dryness lines, wrinkles in the eye area, reducing pores, balancing pigment spots/hyperpigmentation.


Dr. Karin Gaida cosmetic treatment

Dr. Karin Gaida


Chemical Peel

The aim of a chemical peel is to harmonise the complexion. This non-invasive method is used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, improve fine wrinkles, smooth out acne scars and enlarged pores, and eliminate pigment spots. In general, there are more superficial and deeper peels. Light skin types are particularly suitable for the treatment.

The process of a chemical peel is almost always the same, regardless of the substance used: Before the treatment, the skin is cleaned and degreased. The particularly sensitive areas around the eyes, nostrils and mouth are protected with a fat cream. Then the peeling is applied with a brush and left to take effect for a few minutes. The skin can start to tingle, which can be cooled with a fan. The scrub is then washed off and neutralized. Finally, a special care is applied, which can penetrate the skin particularly well after the peeling.

I prefer scrubs that cause minimal redness and flaking. A downtime does not have to be expected. The skin looks fresher after just one treatment. In general, however, 3-6 treatments are required at 2-3 week intervals. The best time for a peeling is in winter or when the skin is not exposed to the sun for a long time.

Meet Dr.Karin Gaida

1. Karin, tell us about yourself as an aesthetic doctor..

During my studies at medical school it became clear to me that I like to work with my hands rather than only with my head. Also I always had an eye for everything aesthetic. The combination of the two led me towards wanting to train in plastic surgery. I trained in Vienna, Munich and Sydney after which I moved to Zurich. When I couldn’t find another training position in Zurich to finish this specialty I decided to stick with aesthetics, which I absolutely loved.


2. What is the story behind ‘Karin Gaida Aesthetic Clinic’

Before I opened my own private practice I worked in the offices of several dermatologists. There, for many years I offered and partly still offer dermotasurgery (small skin surgeries). Finally I went back for training in hospital to get my licence. This happened in 2020 and of course this was during Covid and not a good time to become fully self-employed. I had the chance to sublet a room at my friend’s doctor’s office where I started to grow my own business. After one year I found this lovely office space available in a building full of doctors and here I am.


3. In your opinion, what are the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments?

The goal of skin rejuvenation in general is to induce collagen build- up and hence skin tension. This can be achieved by either threads, PRP (also called Vampire lifting), micro needling and radio- frequency and also skin boosters, which are injected into the skin. Currently there are many different new and promising skin boosters on the market. 


4. Which ‘Karin Gaida’ skin booster treatments you suggest for +50 year women?

There is no recipe that can be used for everybody. We all age differently, we all have different skin types and needs. That’s why I offer free consultations to first of all see the patient in person  and then discuss about what could be done. A woman over 50 will more likely need a combination of treatments rather than only one method.  To me, starting early and regular “maintenance“ is the clue. 


5. What are the benefits of the chemical peelings? 

Chemical peelings not only remove dead skin cells from the surface, which gives the skin a new glow. They can also penetrate deeper and give a more even skin tone, hydrate, tighten and reduce pores and spots. It is important to know that one treatment will make a small change, several peelings will give a better result. 

Dr. Karin Gaida


Aesthetic medicine is the art of achieving a fresh, natural appearance through minimally invasive treatments.


Currently, the high-dose vitamin C administration is one of the approaches of the Covid 19 therapy. A viral infection can drastically reduce the bioavailability of vitamin C within hours, depleting the body’s stores.

Vitamin C has an immune modulating effect on various processes of the infection without significant side effects and thus reduces the severity of the infection.The absorption of vitamin C via the small intestine is limited. This mechanism can be circumvented with an infusion and you will be fit again more quickly.

Vitamic C treatment

Dr. Karin Gaida

DR.KARIN GAIDA Aesthetic Treatments


Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin A is carried out through the targeted weakening of the facial muscles in the affected areas. The resulting relaxation of the overlying skin leads to a reduction in wrinkles and a natural youthful appearance – without any additional volume.

The effect only occurs after a few days and reaches its peak after about four weeks. Depending on the metabolism, it slowly decreases and lasts a total of around two to six months. The method is particularly suitable for reducing mimic wrinkles in the upper half of the face (frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet). Increased sweating (hyperhidrosis) and grinding teeth (bruxism) have become known as further areas of application. After a treatment, physical activity, sauna and massage should be avoided for 24 hours.


Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous component of the connective tissue, which is responsible, among other things, for storing water. In aesthetics, hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (HA filler) is used to inject fine lines and wrinkles and to build up volume loss.

The field of application is wide and ranges from lip and cheek enhancement to the treatment of the neck and décolleté. Depending on the degree of cross-linking, hyaluronic acid lasts for different lengths of time and is naturally broken down by endogenous enzymes.Undesirable results can be resolved by injecting hyaluronidase.


Thread lifts are a popular facial rejuvenation technique with a short recovery time. With a thread lift, proven surgical threads are applied using an innovative, minimally invasive method.

The application of the so-called PDO threads is almost painless and is similar to a treatment with fillers. Hair-thin PDO threads can be inserted to reduce small wrinkles, e.g. in the area of ​​the lower eyelids, the upper lip or on the cheeks.

New connective tissue is built up around the thread, making the skin firmer and smoother. In a V-lift, PDO threads with barbs are used, whereby the tissue in the cheek area is repositioned and the chin contour is improved. This gentle lifting leaves no wounds or scars. The threads are naturally broken down over months and offer the possibility of tightening without additional volume.

6. In a world of e-commerce, what is your vision of skin care products for the next 10 years?

Skin-care should always be tailored to the needs of the individual, especially with problematic skin. It is the basis of up-keeping your beauty and I consider it very important to also advise my patients for their daily skin routine. After the right advice of a professional there is nothing wrong with ordering online 😉


7. You also offer vitamin therapy, what are the benefits?

Imagine all functions in our body running in cycles. Vitamins and amino acids can help wherever these cycles don’t run smoothly. They can also be used as immune system booster, for prevention or also as preparation for special needs such as e.g. recovery from surgery.


8. As a female entrepreneur, what are the challenges you had to face over these years? 

At the beginning of my training aesthetic medicine was by far not as popular as today. Nowadays a private practice has to compete with a flood of big chains and walk-in beauty clinics. Furthermore the aesthetic market is not regulated enough and many non-doctor practitioners offer treatments without sound knowledge. Neither can they nor are they allowed to handle treatment complications. Beauty is sold by the milliliter rather than by the quality of work. Patients have become „clients“ and are not aware of this risks they are running when undergoing a procedure. But a well trained doctor and profund anatomical knowledge is crucial. In aesthetic medicine medical injectables (such as hyaluronic acid) are used that can block blood vessels. A blocked vessel can cause skin damage, blindness and stroke. I don’t understand why people still believe aesthetic injections are like having a hair cut. On the internet there is a big grey market where everybody can buy hyaluronic acid fillers, sometimes of doubtable quality. Without regulation for product or practitioner the individual is unfortunately left with its own judgement and probably highly influenced by marketing.


9. What beauty magazines and design websites inspire you?

I try to be ahead of magazines. My inspiration derives from professional workshops and hands-on trainings led by renown international trainers. I try to see the work of as many different other aesthetic professionals as possible to see different approaches and combine them to my own way.

Cosmetic Treatments

10. And finally Karin, what item identifies you? 

Hm, good question. I think it is porcelain. Ever since my grandmother died and I did not get her Viennese 50s style porcelain which I loved, I went regularly to the flea market at Naschmarkt in Vienna and started collecting it myself. My passion for collecting porcelain never stopped and by now I also own Russian and English porcelain. My husband likes to tell the story when he had to drive through half of Switzerland to pick up the missing plates for my vintage English porcelain which I had found online. What can I say, I just love the hand painted decors, delicate plates and cups. They are simply aesthetic in my eyes and even for a regular family dinner I like to set the table nicely to make it special.



Dr. Karin Gaida

Dr.Karin Gaida

Aesthetic Medicine


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