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Eva Wannenmacher

Influential Woman Autumn 2022

“How we live our lives

Eva Wannenmacher. TV Presenter, Coaching and Consulting.

TV Presenter Eva Wannenmacher

Born on February 25, 1971 in Zurich. Grew up in Bremgarten. She always wanted to be a journalist, so  she secured a traineeship at the local newspaper, acquired journalistic skills and graduated from Commercial Education at the Lucerne Media Training Center (MAZ).

She experienced a sheltered and nature-loving childhood. A foundation for life. After high school she was drawn to the world of work and wanted to earn her own money and be free. A commercial apprenticeship gave her a diploma that she later never used.

Since 1994 TV journalist and presenter Roger Schawinski was looking for young team who were brave enough to start “TeleZüri” with him, she was one of them and definitely spent an unforgettable time.

Eighteen years ago she became the ‘Anchor Woman’ and ‘Host’ of the program “Kulturplatz” on SRF1. Before that time she was also the anchor woman of the TV program “10vor10” in SRF1 and “Kulturzeit” in 3SAT.

She continued further education and a certified Psychological Coach IKP since 2 years. She has her own practice in Zurich where she offers her consulting and coaching services.

Eva Wannenmacher has three children and lives in Zurich. 



Successful performance with great competence.

“As an experienced TV journalist and presenter, I know what it means to be “on the air” at any time. To rest in yourself at all times, even if a storm is raging outside.

The key to this lies within us. It’s about real confidence. The goal is a state of serenity and joy instead of fear before the performance”


Eva Wannenmacher Coach

TV Presenter Eva Wannenmacher

“In psychological coaching, I adhere to the basics of humanistic and positive psychology in accordance with my training at the IKP Zurich.

This means: my advice focuses on the strengths of the other party, not on the weaknesses. The basics of the “good life” apply and with them the questions: What makes us happy, what gives us joie de vivre, what keeps us or brings us into balance?

Possible topics for psychological coaching: Life and/or career counselling, coping with crises and setting new goals”

Meet Eva Wannenmacher

1.  Hello Eva, you are a famous TV host and presenter, tell us about yourself..

I am a curious person and see myself as a learner. Curiosity keeps me young, is a strong drive and makes me happy. I believe in the ability of people to develop. I find it meaningful to work with people, to accompany and empower them in my work as a coach. My mandate as a presenter for SRF also constantly brings me new encounters and insights into new worlds. In addition, I have a private life with 3 children and a new partnership. I feel richly blessed by life. 


2. What is the story behind ‘Kulturplatz’ in SRF TV

The story behind this show, which I’ve been hosting since it first aired 18 years ago, is the story of a strong team. During this time, we have reinvented ourselves several times, even had to reinvent ourselves. We have experienced some transformations together. That’s what welds us together. At Kulturplatz, we want to inspire people about culture. But we also want to question, to track down new things, and deliver relevance. Doing this week after week is a challenge and a great pleasure.


3. Which artists have you met who best impact society?

Anyone who has the inner drive to create something is a creative person, has something to say, shapes his environment. That has a value that must be appreciated, whether that is a world star or not.


4. You are also a ‘Positive Psychology Coach’ how does the science of happiness work?

Positive psychology shows impressively that it is in our power HOW we live our lives. We experience strokes of fate or we are shaped by certain patterns, but it makes a very decisive difference how we deal with it, what we make of it.

5. In a world of mindfulness, how has ‘meditation’ help you achieve your personal goals?

We have experienced a real booster of new forms of living through the pandemic. In any case has our consciousness of our living space changed. We became more conscious about sustainability in how we design our living and working and others spaces. They have to be much more flexible. I think like in fashion we move away from „fast furniture“ and develop new values -e.g give more locally produced objects a higher value- since all has an impact on our climate. And we understood that our spaces have an impact on our moods and emotions.


6. How do you balance work and life?

I am in balance when I am in equilibrium with work and relaxation. Whether I succeed in doing this has a lot to do with decision-making: What is important for my well-being, what does me good, these are the questions to ask. In my case, it means that daily yoga and meditation help me enormously to stay in balance even in hectic times.


7. A place in Switzerland where you find paradise

I find my paradise almost every day in the forest, in the silence.


8. Your favourite place in Europe

Venice with its almost absurd beauty always attracts me magically. Especially when it’s the Art Biennale – like this year. Just now we were in Venice for a weekend. Short and intense and inspiring! 


9. What are your hobbies?

Yoga, meditation, running in the woods, time for friends, cinema, theater, dancing, cooking and eating, swimming, skiing…. 

10. What magazines and websites related to design inspire you?

I hardly read magazines and visit websites only in a goal-oriented way. I find inspiration in literature, including psychological and spiritual literature. 


11. And finally Eva, what item identifies you?

Joy of life, optimism, curiosity, belief in the good. 

Eva Wannenmacher Performance Competence Coach

Eva Wannenmacher

Photos copyright by: Eva Wannenmacher and Mirjam Kluka