Pianist and Singer Patricia Seidl


‘Love and Faith in Music’


With her extensive repertoire and sensitive passion for music and improvisation the pianist and singer Patricia Seidl creates a warm and special exclusive atmosphere at aperos, dinner parties, weddings, galas and corporate events etc.. As an experienced musician she plays every style of music, from classic and jazz standards to pop, soul and funk music and creates a special listening experience (Booking: Solo Piano and Voice,Duo with Sax,Trio with Drums and Bass, Quartet). While studying Patricia played on events within 4000 expectators as a classical pianist. She was also a winner of the „Jugend Musiziert“ competition in Germany. As a pianist and singer she performed in restaurants, bars and hotels such as „The Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich“, „Terrasse Restaurant & Bar Zurich“, „George Bar & Grill“, at galas like „Presseball 2015“ (Kongresshaus Zurich), „Kispiball 2014 and 2015“ (Baur au Lac Hotel Zurich) and „Unternehmerball 2015“ (The Dolder Grand Hotel) as well as on corporate events like e.g. in the Private Member Club “Cercle de l`Union Interalliée” in Paris. Patricia concentrates in composing her own music and collaborates with other musicians in the jazz and pop business.


  1. What did Patricia do before she turned into a pianist and singer?

I was born in Regensburg / Germany. After finishing my A-Level school I moved to Munich, studying audio engineering and later international business with foreign semesters in Paris and London. I worked several years for an agency in Munich which manages famous personalities from entertainment, music and sports business. Communication and graphicdesign were part of my working experience. In 2007 I decided to move to Switzerland, my favorite country since I can remember times. After my daughter was born I founded my own communication company and also worked as an PR consultant for financial asset management clients in Zurich. Music was always the love and passion of my life and it was my „second job“ until this year. Then I decided to let my inner voice flow and focus on music.


  1. How long have you been playing the piano for?

Since I`ve been 6 years old, vocals since I`ve been 11 years old. I visited an A-Level school with focus on music. My education was in classical music, later I turned more and more to jazz and modern music. In my heart I always wanted to be a musician and touch people in their soul. I can express myself in the best way by playing music.


  1. What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Bringing emotions to people and feel, how they react or relax. Touching them in their heart and soul. Our world is so stressful, but it also needs timeouts for people to relax, to stand quiet and to rethink. Music is the language of human being without barriers, music connects, music is therapy. I can feel it when I see people around me while performing. Especially kids react very special. Sometimes they are lenchanted and look at me as I would be a princess. I hope my own daughter will also suffer from music as I do. It`s a big part of our family life and enriches us a lot.

I also enjoy passion and enthusiasm, feeling my inner endless creative source, feeling free in my mind.


  1. Where do you like performing?

I love performing at special events such as corporate events, launch of new products, birthday or Christmas parties, Weddings, Vernissages, Galas, Charity events. But I also enjoy playing in restaurants, bars, golf clubs or  hotels. Meeting new people and networking, that makes it always special and adventurous. I am open for everything new as long as it fits to my style of music.


  1. You always look so glamorous and classy, is image of a musician as important as performance?

Yes, of course. The whole „package“ of an artist is important, not only the quality of the performance, also the look and behavior are very important. Like a product you want to sell, it needs to be salable from the outside (packaging) as well as from the inside (quality). And the image is, what an artist makes so special, especially when it comes to collaboration with companies as a testimonial or brand ambassador for advertising reasons. A strong personality and a professional character are the keys of a successful partnership as well as the success itself as a musician / artist.

My place at the piano or on stage is also a perfect place to express my personality with fashion: classy, sometimes a little extraordinary, I love big glamour dresses as well as leader trousers with high heels, but it always has to be a little bit sexy.


Pianist and Singer Patricia Seidl