Ximena Leguia-Rudolph

Ximena Leguia- Rudolph

Ximena was born in Lima in 1963. She went to an English girls school called San Silvestre in Lima. She attended LTC Ladies College in Eastbourne, England where she did her A- Levels and BA. followed by AMI Montessori Training College in Hampstead North London. Ximena moved to Switzerland back in 1986 when she married and had children. In 1995 she started working in the Montessori Rietberg Schule Enge and stayed for 9 years where she founded the ‘Yellow Group’
In 2005 she decided to establish herself in Zumikon in her own home. The Ximena’s Montessori Kinderhaus got her first client directly from Holland thanks to the website. She started with 6 kids and ended up with 20 children in her living room. Since 2011 she moved to Küsnacht where she founded Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus where they take care a maximum of 24 children daily.


1. So tell us Ximena, how did all started?

In August 2004 with the attendance of 6 children from USA, Holland and Switzerland.


2. Why the ‘Montessori’ Methodology?

I believe the children learn through their interactions with their environment by exploring, experiencing touching, building and things by and for themselves. My Montessori Kinderhaus now running since 10 years offers all this. Our classroom or the prepared environment as we the Montessorians call it, is purposefully prepared enviroment with stimulating materials and childsized furniture and equipment. All learning is hands-ones and experiential, with speacially designed Montessori Materials for : Math, Language, Sensorial exploration, practical life activities, Art, Science and Geography.


3. Who do you owe your success to?

I loved kids since I was little and thanks to the experience and the support I got in the Montessori Rietberg Schule in Enge where the directress really encouraged me to start my own business.


4. Which subject you enjoy teaching the most?

Circle time when we are sitting together and we start a new Learning Unit.


5. What do you enjoy your job so much?

Because the kids make me so happy. They have so much imagination and they are motivation and inspiration.


6. Can you recommend an outstanding Zurichsee restaurant?

In winter the Blaue Ente and in summer the Fischer’s Fritz at the lake.


7. Where would you spend a great weekend in Switzerland?

In winter at the mountains and in summer at the Zurich lake.


8. Which is your favourite holiday destination?

A safari in Africa at the Okavango Delta and I adore San Pedro de Alcantara in Marbella.


9. And what magazine/website inspires you?

I love Comercio Peruano and the Montessori Services Magazine.


10. What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my girlfriends but also without my computer. Not to forget my tortilla de patatas and my flamenco class.


11. Which food would we always find in your fridge?

Coffee and a very cold bottle of champagne.


12. And finally, which accessorize identifies you?

My earrings.
Photoshooting by Jeannette Johanssen-Evans.

Ximena Leguia-Rudolph