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Dayron Gonzalez

Artist of the week July 2020

‘Perseverance cleans your path of dissatisfaction’

Dayron Gonzalez

Dayron Gonzalez is a Cuban artist based in Miami and is considered as one of the most recognised Abstract-Expressionist artists whose work has attracted international acclaim and is collected worldwide.

Graduated with a degree in painting from Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba (2007) and one year studies at the Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial (ISDI), Havana, Cuba (2000 – 2001) this young artist was born in 1982 in Quivicán town, in the province of Havana. As  a founding member of MAKINAH- an independent association of contemporary Cuban artists, Dayron participated in collective performance art executing live installations and experimental actions with social and political connotations.

Smoking Room

Facial deconstruction

Absorbing the pouring, he purposely stains accidentally turning the figures into complex structures. His drawings represent historical and complex figures. Not only the artist does not feature the facial expression but he is also deconstructing the soul of the story. There is fragmentation and demolition which leaves to the eyes of the observant, a feeling of rupture and contradiction. Figures are in a melancholic disintegration of a social context. With the fatal facial erasion, active participants of a society loose individuality to become part of a whole.

A Destination

Push and Pull

Dayron’s colours are vibrantly straightforward and deliberately translucent. He finds in the thickly applied technique of the Abstract Expressionism ‘push and pull’ a comforting inspiration.

The brush strokes are not mechanical but passional. His pictorial mediums flow as the palette vigorously faints into the canvas. He captures the decadence of a shifting reality with emphasis in the momentum. The pounding energy of constant physicality and overlapping creates a chromatic rhythm and a stillness in the spirit.

Couple on the Beach

He exhibited his work at the Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium in October 2019.

Wedding Party

White Collars

Meet Dayron Gonzalez

Dayron González was born in Cuba. Now he lives in Miami, Florida.

We must understand Dayron’s context in order to understand his art. He was born 23 years after the advent of the Cuban Revolution and raised and breed within it. Part of his education and upbringing was to be part of the pioneros- the communist pioneer’s organisation. On the 4th of April 1961, the Unión de Pioneros de Cuba was founded with the following premises and believes:

-To shape pioneer children into the future new men and woman who will continue with the revolution.

-To inculcate the love for the heroes and the martyrs of the ‘patria’ and to imitate their sacrifice and knowledge of Cuban history.

-To promote revolutionary moral values and qualities in children.

His upbringing is reflected in his art. The power of Dayron’s paintings are influenced by the socio-political environment were he was exposed to, unmasking a false utopia.

Self Portrait

After the death of the Argentinean guerrila Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in Bolivia (October 1967), the pioneer’s slogan ‘We shall be like Che!‘ ( a belief to sacrifice for the Communism) was incorporated into the children and the youth. Joining the pioneers at an early age guaranteed the obedience to the revolution.

Dayron’s painting use the conventions of the historical past reflecting critical representations but applying traditional pursuits.

He quickly grew a reputation within the Miami circles, exhibiting for the first time in Art Miami. Midtown, Miami, Florida in December 2011.

Eve Starring at the Palm Tree

The Veil
Photos copyright by: Dayron Gonzalez