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Olga Cairols

Artist Representation 2021

A spiritual Mother Earth’

Olga Cairols

Artist Olga Cairols is originally from Barcelona.

From a very young age, Olga Cairols Cabasés developed a special drawing and painting practice. Having attended several courses in Art, Art History, as well as Fashion Drawing and Textile Design in Barcelona in Spain, she quickly enjoyed a pluralist technique, culture and eclectic references that would make her painting a unique and an outstanding methodology.

A keen enthusiast of astrology, mythology, history and the environment, the artist has always been interested in the materials like wood, where it belonged in the past, what symbolises, how it  transforms and what happens when we are recycling it.


Textures and Materials

The artist starts off a base in an abstract  method and fashion of mixing and superimposing the textures and materials to achieve volumes effects and shades, adding always a message in a motif, a theme involving a figurative purpose.


Mother Earth

Olga Cairols Cabasés’ dreamy world is full of empirical characters that vibe between the Earth and other living surroundings that escape from the real and other dimensions. Inspired by her spiritual characters, the main focus seems so close to as yet so far away.


Meet Olga Cairols

  1. Tell us why you decided to become an artist?  Since I was a young girl I knew that I would dedicate my life to painting. I have always had a creative mind; drawing and painting were the things that excelled at. It is safe to say that I have always dedicated myself to art.
  2. What kind of artist do you consider yourself? I had never thought about it. I paint and draw because they are what I like to do most. For me, living through art is fundamental.
  3. Do you have any mentors or advisors ? I do not have mentors or advisers.
  4. How is your artistic process for creating work…I work with different materials in one work of art; photographs, silk papers, stamps made by me previously in collage compositions, acrylics worked with a spatula, pastels, oils and markers. I also apply different techniques, pictorials and styles. I consider myself Baroque, due to the mixture of ideas, techniques and materials that I embody in all of my pictorial art works. I do not make sketches or choose materials beforehand, the shapes and techniques I use emerge throughout the process. That is where the freshness and naturally of my artworks comes from, it is not lost throughout the process. I am inspired by nature and the connection with it. All of my characters arise from this idea. I mix fantasy based on legends and stories, women’s faces, flowers, sheets, trees, characters, girls… It is an intuitive painting style.
  5. Name three visual artists you admire: I am currently interested in three artists: all for their liberty of expression, loose artworks, expressionists without conventionalism or trends.
    Juliane Hundertmark
    Caroline Again
    Tamara Muller
    More well-known:
    Miquel Barceló
    Lita Cabellut
    Anthony Tapies
  6. Have you overcome any challenges in your career?  I am doing fine on my own with the most dynamic galleries or with a more innovative and contemporary sales concept; concept store, art plus store, art supermarkets, etc.
  7. Has gallery representation always been your dream or working independently been more beneficial? Or both? Let it be the same, with its personality.
  8. As you reflect, what has been the influencing factors in your art career?
    I was working in the design and interior design world. I have experience in trends, both in the worlds of fashion and decoration
  9. What are you currently working on?  I am currently working on my ‘connection with nature’ line, both within the Neo pop aesthetic to a darker and deeper aspect, closely related to the forest and nature in general. Light and shade form a part of my personality



Her paintings reincarnate into characters that turn real natural beings, evoking a certain conception of our past and the divine and the mundane. The mixing in her compositions is pure music, poetry, magic, a complex dancing world with no limits that set free our most ardent and intimate desires of its creator. 

Photos copyright by: Olga Cairols