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Silvia Strobos-Buch

Artist of the week June 2020

Colourful People’

Silvia Strobos-Buch

Born in Holland and living in Switzerland, Strobos have established herself as one of the unconditional artist exhibiting in the Swiss Art Fairs. Her artworks retain the aspects of the real world: people interaction. Her unmistakeable human figures connect in despair. They gloom as they relate yet again they pose in a melancholic distance. Social Behaviour is present in all her works.

So good to see you

Meeting People

Showing how people are connected to each other in different ways. It is a search to visualise human interaction applying acrylic on canvas as a medium. The paintings are built out of many layers of people, not visible at first sight. Reflecting that sometimes people have an incomprehensible and complex human interaction.

Happy to meet!


Strobos shows a very personal interest in people as she thinks that our society social habits are changing due to internet and social media over exposure. Layers of people who need interaction despite isolation. Addressing a psychological  behaviour , Strobos want to express her need to reflect the actual ‘new isolated’  but at the same time crowded unique situation.


Since 2012, Strobos work has been seen at many group- and solo exhibitions and at major European Art Fairs, companies and hotels.

Meet Silvia Strobos-Buch

Silvia Strobos is a dutch artist who lives and works in Switzerland since 1998.

After attending the Higher School for design and Communication, she got her master degree in History of Arts and Science at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In Switzerland she decided to deepen her skills of art in a more practical way and intensively took art classes at different teachers for years.

Since 2012 her work her work has been exhibited in several galleries and shown on big international art fairs like the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg and Amsterdam, the Art Zürich, Art Nocturne Knocke and Art Karlsruhe.

She was nominated for the painting of the year 2017 by the Kunst Collega`s in Holland, was a semi-finalist in the ArtBoxProjekt 2018 in New York, and won the second prize in the Schoch Art Award 2019 in Switzerland.

The main theme of her work is the different way in which people are connected to each other.

It is a search to visualise human interaction with paint and canvas as a medium.

Embracing Life

Nomination Painting of the year 2017 De Kunst Collega`s, the Netherlands

Semi-Finalist for the ARTBOX.PROJECT New York. Second Prize Art Award Schoch-Art, Stein am Rhein

Meeting people

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Photos copyright by: Silvia Strobos-Buch